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What we did

Strategy, Positioning & Branding

Identifying opportunities through market analysis, developing a brand strategy and creating a strong positioning statement was the core work Okasions needed to get started.

Visual Design & Identity

From company naming to logo design to creating an impactful visual style guide, we dove in and developed the necessary assets to take Okasions to the next phase.

Marketplace & Platform Design

Developing a solid tech stack is in our DNA. From data structure to vaporware, investors want to see and experience a digital product before making a final decision.

Investor Pitch & Deck Creation

Developing an advertiser, sponsor, vendors & membership partnership and market strategy to appeal to investors who may be interested in participating is a vital step to a start-up's life.

Branding Guidebook

Moodboards, Style, Audience Personas & Development

Personas & Development




Visual Identity

Logo development


MurrayHill Bd BT Bold

Work Sans Black Regular

Work Sans Regular

Custom illustration

Platform & Marketplace Design

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