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Find Out How We Helped a New Fashion Lingerie eCommerce Store Launch a Line of Women’s Focused Garments & Intimate Apparel with The Help of Our Interactive Bra Helpers / Problem Solvers Quiz
The Lingerie Challenge
How do you help women find the right undergarment online without the ability to try it on? The challenge we faced included overcoming the lack of in-person shopping for intitmate wear and still providing the consumer with a great experience. In addition, we needed to differentiate the brand in the competitive lingerie marketplace with unique problem-solver features and functionality to help women select the right garment and solution for each customer’s unique set of challenges.
The Creative Solution
New Womens Lingerie eCommerce Website
Our mission was to showcase clear sizing guidelines, charts, and photos of items from multiple angles so customers can get a full sense of the items before purchase.
Interactive Bra Shopping & Garment Fit Quiz
Thinking ahead, we wanted to offer a personalized feel to online lingerie shopping to simulate the in-person experience when shopping on “Main Street”.
Stunning UGC Photos & Graphic Design
Did you know, in recent surveys of 1,000 eCom shoppers, 77% of participants said authentic photos affected their purchase decisions more than professional photos from stores.
New Website Design
Every new eCommerce startup needs to focus on building customer trust, and a solid reputation for extraordinary customer service.
True Love Happens when Ecommerce Meets Editorial Content
When breaking into a competitive space, new lingerie brands focused on eCommerce need to find the right balance between customer acquisition and retention. One of the best strategies is to turn current customers into brand advocates showcasing social proof that satisfied customers increases the chance that new visitors will convert.
Lingerie Influencers & UGC
Women Inspired Content Hub & UGC
Out goal was to create a place where influeners in the intimate apparel, lingerie, shapeware and sleepwear industries can come together to partner, collaborate and share user generated stories and content.
Curvy, Body Positive and Driving Industry Change - Our Bra Quiz was the perfect fit for every body.
Check out our Bra Quiz ideation below - from wireframes to design.
The Bra Quiz - Interface & UX Design
Shorter path-to-purchase with a mobile-friendy UI can help customers find and keep returning to innovative brands.
Resonate. Inspire. Fall in Love.
We created compelling social and search ads to increase brand awareness, and grow audiences.
The Result
Goals are currently to hit 7-1 ROAS, boost social media revenue by 76 percent, grow influencer engagement and inspire user generated content to help promote the brands cross-platform.
How to Market Your Clothing Line FAQ’s
How do you launch a clothing line?

15 Tips on How to Launch your Clothing Line

  • Choose your fashion niche: e.g. trendy, vintage, bohemian, sporty, etc.

  • Come up with your buying persona:e.g. wealthy luxury buyers, fashionable divas, etc.

  • Research your competitors

  • Decide on what are your unique selling points & competitive advantages;

  • Definite your pricing strategy;

  • Set your clothing line budget;

  • Develop your fashion brand strategy

  • Plan your fashion digital marketing strategy;

  • Set measurable goals;

  • Start designing your clothing line;

  • Select your suppliers: e.g. fabrics, accessories, etc

  • Test your product;

  • Allure investors to back up your clothing line;

  • Start manufacturing your clothing line;

  • Be ready with a good expansion plan.

How do I market my clothing line?

15 Steps towards Marketing your Clothing Line:

  • Create an official website for your clothing line;

  • Set up a fashion photoshoot of your clothing line;

  • Hold or take part in a 3rd party fashion show;

  • Reach out to fashion journalists and bloggers;

  • Team up with social media influencers;

  • Send out samples of your latest designs or customized items to celebrities & industry influencers;

  • Dedicate time to sending out press releases to leading fashion media outlet about your product launch;

  • Start building your email list;

  • Use giveaway campaigns for amplifying your brand reach;

  • Find strategic partnerships and plana mutual marketing campaign;

  • Think of investing in custom packaging

  • Start your company blog;

  • Create video content for your clothing line;

  • Encourage your customers to write or record a video testimonial;

  • Get involved in local causes, events.

How do I make my clothing brand go viral?

Top 8 Ideas on how to make your clothing brand go viral:

  • Reach out to fashion bloggers;

  • Team up with fashion influencers on social media;

  • Turn your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors;

  • Share user-generated content on social media;

  • Encourage your clients to write or shoot video testimonials;

  • Get involved in a trending social cause;

  • Invest in guerilla marketing campaigns;

  • Create shareable high quality content.

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