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See How We Helped This Women’s Membership Organization Coordinate Their Member Experience From One Central Location and Grow Reach.
The Challenge: Expand LWE’s Reach Throughout the NJ Tri-State Area
This powerhouse of women had a mission of growing membership, increasing members, attracting new partners, signing on new advertisers and sponsors to promote the message and recognition of Leading Women Entrepreneurs in the NY and NJ tri-state area. Take a look below on what we did.
The Solution: Create a Membership Platform Ready for Action
Brand & Identity Refresh
To strengthen brand awareness and maximiz impact through LWE’s program-driven member experience, we refreshed and updated their existing brand.
Web Design & Development
Whilst working behind the scenes, we kept the existing site operational and build a new membership portal to help expland existing functionalities and member experience.
Event Marketing & Corporate Video Production
Perfect video interviews every time. We helped with capturing each honoree and helping their business stand out. Take a look below at our work.
Videos Produced
Lines of Code Written
Leading Women Interviewed
Produced Over 220 Honoree Video Interviews
Some of our great memories involve our work with leading women entrepreneurs and business owners of NY & NJ. Producing and editing all the award honorees interviews and event videos was a great way to help highlight the achievements of pioneers in the industry. Take a look below.
Brand Refresh & Development
Member highlights, easy user and customer journey were at the forefront of our design goals for their new website and brand refresh.
Membership Portal Design
From mobile responsive design to easy login all the way to a robust photo and video gallery, we took into account the user journey at each touchpoint when designing the membership portal for LWE.
Membership Platform Architecture & Design

Easy Navigation, Personalized, One-Stop Service an User-Centric Design

From Wireframes to Design
From search features to member profiles, everything was planned and implemented with a fine eye for details.
Video Production & Event Marketing
Boosting event attendance and promoting events starts at least 4 months before the event date. We made that easier with video content to help highlight the benefits of participation. Take a look.
RVCC - Women Leading the Way Event - May 20, 2014 - Linda Wellbrock
Introduction at Recognition Event
RVCC - Women Leading the Way Event - May 20, 2014 - Michelle Scott
2017 Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur Recognition Event
2016 Power of Your Brand (NYC Event)
2014 Top 25 Sponsors
2015 Wrap Up
Top 25 Brand Builders 2017
Cuba retreat 2017
The Result
We achieved the following results in the first twelve weeks (Year-over-Year to account for events seasonality): Increased page views, increased sessions, increased unique users by over 11% from November 2018 to May 2019, reduced bounce rate by 5%, increased membership growth rate & increased sponsorships. Our goal is to continue growth and expand further member and sponsor acqusition.
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