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Find Out How We Helped a Leading Enterprise Cybersecurity Mobile-Centric Software Leader Achieve ABM Lead Generation & Paid Social Campaigns Goals to Reduce Cost and Increase Conversions




Increase in LinkedIn engagement




Reduction in Cost Per Lead Acquisition




Increase in Twitter engagement
The Challenge: Raise Awareness, Reputation & Discover New Pipelines
As the Leader in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) & Zero Trust Security, MobileIron was uniquely positioned to provide solutions to enterprise-level clients and gain larger market share with its suite of products. Our goal and desired business outcome was centered around finding the right combination of audience segmentation, cost per acquisition and strong messaging to take this Silicon Valley brand to next levels.
The Solution: Optimized Paid Search, ABM & Social Campaign Creation
ABM Lead Generation
B2B lead generation requires a highly focused approach to reaching audiences and decision makers at well-defined and qualified accounts with a personalized message and product offer.
Social Media Marketing
Our goal centered around creating smart social content, events, and entire campaigns dedicated to specific accounts that could benefit from MobileIron’s product line.
Paid Social Campaigns
LinkedIn message ads were a high-impact way to get in front of our prospects, especially with a specific offer that is timely and focused on each account’s specific needs.

Corporate cybersecurity compliance and threat defense will be hot topics for mixed-use devices.

MobileIron is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to enterprise-level clients and gain larger market share.

ABM creates transformational relationships & reduces up to 50% of wasted sales time on unproductive leads.

With personalized and engaging content along with frequent touchpoints to get the best engagement with different decision makers in the buying journey, we helped create lasting relationships for this Silicon Valley darling.

Social Media Strategy & Lead Magnet Matrix Creation
The essence of Account Based Marketing requires a deep understanding of each prospect, their challenges, goals and desires. Our mission with each social and paid campaign was to hyper personalize each piece of content to individual prospects. Our goal was to make each customer feel like they are number one. How did we achieve this? Take a look below for some ideas on the types of content assets we were able to leverage duing this campaign to help potential customers discover our client:
New Product Features

Highlighted current and new products promoting the advancement in technology, the features, and the benefits.

New Surveys & Studies

Highlighted new services and solutions promoting the advancement in technology, the features, and the benefits.

Case Studies & eBooks

Highlighted case studies to give accurate and informative data for executives considering using MobileIron services.

White Papers & Data Sheets

Highlighted industry-specific white papers delivering informative data and research in the field.

Showcased Company Values

Highlighted company values of MobileIron including employee highlights, dedication to customer service, and their influence within the industry.

Customer Video Stories

Highlighted valuable industry-specific video assets with informative content to help customers understand client’s to MobileIron’s.

Personalized Blog Articles

Highlighted recent blog publications reviewing upcoming solutions and new advances in the industry.

News & Press Releases

Highlighted recent company news and press releases showcasing company recognition and innovation.

Conferences & Events

Promote attendance at branded conferences and events client to MobileIron is participating in or hosting.

Productivity Benefits Reports

Showcase executive features and benefits of each SaaS solution for to establish awareness throughout the entire customer funnel and buyer journey.

Industry Highlights & Analyst Reports

Focus on relevant industries (Finance, Healthcare, Education, Etc.) that benefit from the products and solutions that MobileIron offers.

Social Media Content Creation for ABM

Starting and maintaining a meaningful conversation on social media channels while engaging key decision makers requires deep insights into their buyer personas and market trends. Check out some of our work below on a variety of social channels.

MobileIron’s social presence & brand communications was published across multiple social channels:






True (mobile) cybersecurity is preparing for what’s next, not what was last.
Neil Rerup
Paid Search Campaigns Optimization
In 2018, our primary focus went into promoting the various MobileIron product suites to users in the research and consideration segments of the ABM marketing funnel. With budgets distributed equally across the three initiatives, we made continued optimizations to text ads and keyword level bid adjustments to maximize efficiency, while periodically reallocating funds to the highest performing campaigns.
Towards the end of Q1, with some additional adspend funding that became available, we introduced a relatively short-lived GDPR focused campaign which ran through the end of July.
PPC Landing Page Conversion Optimization

The core components of a successful ABM strategy involve a few critical and important steps. From aligning sales and marketing teams to clearly identifying target accounts and personas of key decision-makers, each step of the process requires a personalized approach along with razor sharp content. This includes landing pages built to deliver the right message at the right time.

Marketers all agree: Account-Based Marketing is the inevitable evolution of Demand Generation

We worked to clearly define and pinpoint appropriate channels and tactics, to develop engaging and personalized content. Our goals was to inspire brand advocacy while successfully meeting business success.

Check Out The Landing Page Conversion Metric Results

2018 - 33.33


2018 - 79.00


2018 - 103.33


2019 - 121.00


+263% increase

Conversion Rate

2018 - 0.82%


2018 - 2.45%


2018 - 2.55%


2019 - 3.37%



Cost per conversion

2018 - $392.46


2018 - $191.67


2018 - $151.05


2019 - $130.55



Building Your ABM Marketing Technology Stack
From actionable metrics, connected data points and specific techstacks designed to meet the challenges customers face, designing the right infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. Check out some of the work we did to prepare our client for a successful ABM Campaign launch.
An Integrative Approach to ABM
Marketing automation and sales intelligence + enablement are critical components to achieving success with highly personalized ABM campaigns. We ensured all endpoints connected seamlessly from Salesforce integrations to newsletter data collection.

Smart Infographics & Content for ABM Campaigns

The landscape of the trust economy requires content that resonates with the buyer. But how do customers choose who they trust and who they do business with? Recent studies show that 96% of prospects say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. 80% say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences and 77% of consumers view brands more favorably if they seek out and apply customer feedback. (Source: Forbes) Check out some of the personalized content we created to help customers find MobileIron.

Dynamic Video Animation Production
Engaging the C-suite or other key buyers can be a tricky process especially when the topics are complex and require undivided attention. We leveraged our in-house video animation capabilities to simplify and quickly explain product benefits and use cases. Take a look below at some of the dynamic and tailor-designed video animation projects we completed for this client:
Don't Settle, Do More
Perkins Coie Animation
The Result: The Future is Based on Trust
Being a leader requires starting honest conversations centered around trust. Award-winning brands are doing so by creating a top-down strategy and putting the customer ahead of the sale. Building trust can’t happen reactively – it must be organic and always at the core of everything you do. Check out the business results we achieved for MobileIron’s ABM Strategy below:
Implementation of strategically designed landing pages for Paid Search & LinkedIn

Conversion rates have more than tripled since introduction.

Costs per acquisition have decreased by nearly 70%.

Integration of smart phone call tracking

Dynamic call tracking ensured visibility on all direct and click-based phone calls, regardless or source

Minimized under-reporting of conversions for paid search and Linkedin initiatives

ABM focused LinkedIn campaigns

Email, company, and job title focused audiences yielded a 64% conversion rate when directed to newly designed landing pages.

Lead Generation FAQ’s
What is lead generation and how it works?

Lead generation is the process of attracting the interest of new potential customers to your business. As a result “the leads” or the prospects are to be further nurtured and navigated down the sales funnel in order to convert them into paying customers.

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that helps a brand broaden its reach and gather new clients. There are a number of tactics used to successfully generate leads, including: paid advertising campaigns and active sales campaigns or more organic inbound approaches like content marketing and influencer campaigns.

How many types of lead generation are there?

The most popular and efficient lead generation strategies include:

  • Outbound

    • actively reaching out to potential customers via email or phone;

    • Using 3rd party service provider to deliver warm and qualified leads;

  • Inbound:

    • Paid Google Search and Display Ad Campaigns;

    • Social Media Marketing;

    • Search optimization campaign fo you company website;

    • On-site lead generation magnets;

    • Quality content creation strategies (videos, podcasts, webinars, blog posts);

    • Digital PR activities;

    • Customer referrals;

    • Taking part in industry events and trade shows;

    • Giving a talk at a industry conference;

    • Sponsoring a cause;

    • Organizing a charity event.

Who needs lead generation?

B2B companies need lead generation strategy given that the process of defining a need, identifying the best service contractor, and converting into a paying customer takes a long time.

Thus the need to identify the right customer and address them with personalized message at the right time is so important when trying to optimize your lead generation process.

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