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The Challenge: How to Raise Awareness for an Established Non-Profit Organization?
The goal of this project was to expand awareness of NYBC capabilities among existing customers in current east coast markets, highlight NYBC expertise and innovation in transfusion medicine challenges, highlight research & leadership expertise of NYBC medical staff in tri-state area and showcase how medical professionals have come to rely on NYBC thought leadership to help solve patient cases.
The Solution: A Diverse Smart Content Strategy
Explainer Videos & Animations Production
Communicating the complex subject of blood science was a critical component when planning the blood centers video marketing strategy.
Smart Social Media Content Creation & Distribution
Part of our strategy for the blood center was to create shareable content with important information and connecting with donors.
Website Enhancements & Landing Page Design
Our approach ensured critical information was quickly and effectively communicated for each social media campaign.

Our goal was to highlight innovative research projects such as CCS, Core Services, Cell Therapy, Flow Cytometry and more.

Key Audiences We Focused On:
Hospital customers
Financial contributors
Chairpersons & donation coordinators
Transfusion & medical community
Program information seekers
Job seekers
Patients & patient advocates
The Bloodology Series: Educational Animation Videos To Help Inform and Entertain Blood Donors
Creating animated video campaigns like, the Bloodology Series, helped re-create the public persona of NYBC and position the organization as more than just a blood bank - but a comprehensive blood research center.
The Science of Blood - The Bloodology Series
According to research, 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In addition, visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text. So naturally, our approach to creating the New York Blood Center’s Bloodology Series was to leverage animated explainers to educate and inform donors on the science of blood. The animation series was broadcast in donation room TV’s while blood donations were taking place or in waiting rooms. The video animations were also shared on social media channels.
Social Media Content Creation: “Did You Know?” Campaign
Our NYBC Blood Facts Campaign aimed to showcase interesting and relevant blood and research facts about NYBC's daily work through easy to understand infographic style social media assets.
Social Media Content Creation: “Historical Facts” Campaign
In this campaign we showcased 50 years of history of NYBC - What was it like then? How is it different now? Nostalgic content about the New York Blood center was a critical part of informing new audiences on the rich history and past research achievements on the essential non-profit’s products and services.
Video Library Content Production
Organizing the New York Blood Center’s video assets into a video library was a great to way to ensure the newly produced content is easy to find for website visitors, easily indexed by search engines and also quickly accessible to internal NYBC employees and teams.
Company Spotlight Video
Product Video - Comprehensive Cell Solutions
Customer Spotlight Video - Alicia Pueblo's Story: Organ Transplant Recipient
Informational Video Series - Bloodology: An introduction to Components of Blood
Informational Video Series - Bloodology: An introduction to Blood, Donation and Transfusion
Employee Spotlight Video - Lena Golick: Summer Internship Program
Customer Spotlight Video - Jennifer Lentini's Story: Blood and Heart Recipient
Partnership Spotlight Video - Melissa Cushing, NY Presbiterian Hospital
Customer Spotlight Video - Michael O' Hara: Blood Donor
Customer Spotlight Video - Lauren Young: Blood and Heart Recipient
Customer Spotlight Video - Lauren Shields' Story: Blood and Heart Recipient
Corporate Social Responsibility Video - The Little Doctors Program
Company Culture Video - Andrea Cefarelli

When NYBC - the beloved NYC Non-Profit Asked For Help with Video, Animations & Social Media Content, We Jumped at the Chance.

The Stories of Donors & Blood Recipients: Content Hub Design
Giving visitors a more dynamic website experience when reviewing NYBC’s content hub was a key element to creating a connection with each visitor. We highlighted visualizations, infographics, fact sheets about NYBC, Blood Donation Facts, Research, Video Interviews and more when designing NYBC Stories.
Infographics & Eductional Content
To counter information overload with NYBC’s content, we worked on creating engaging, accessible, and persuasive infographics that make it easier to recall and digest more complex information. See what we did below.
The Result

For the duration of our social media content creation and video production project, we created over 850 video and social assets to be distributed in the course of 2 years.

We leveraged internal team interviews, focus groups, key stakeholders and hospital partners to create evergreen content NYBC can share for many years to spread its mission and research-based achievements.

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