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New Me.

Design & Marketing

What we did

  • Rebranding

    Reimagined the existing brand, message, product, packaging, website, customer experience, communication, and positioning of Me4Her.

  • Website Design & Development

    Reimagined the existing brand message and product, and honed into a fully equipped E-Commerce site.

  • Social Media

    Continuing with the design language established by the website, social content was created to connect with new and existing customers.

By the


Of women report having a low sex drive at some point in their lives.


Of women believed arousal gel makes their intimate experience better.


Is the estimated value of the sex toy industry worldwide.

Let's have moregasms
Only 29%

Of women report reaching an orgasm during sex every time.


Product Packaging ReVamp
Product Packaging ReVamp
  • Brand Redesign to resonate with a more discerning luxury product buyer - Think Hermes quality with a kink.
  • Packaging Redesign - think high quality sexy gift packaging.
  • Product Repositioning and renaming.

Sample Pack Placement

Recommendation for placement to promote Sample Packs on websites that are visited by the target demographic.

Sample Pack Placement

There is unbelievable power in ownership and women should own their sexuality.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter
Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

We know that more than seventy to eighty percent of women masturbate, and ninety percent of men masturbate, and the rest lie.

Joycelyn Elders
Joycelyn Elders

No woman gets an orgasm from shining a kitchen floor.

Betty Friedan
Betty Friedan

Let’s get the word out
about Me!

Hook Me Up With The Best.

Instagrammer, Juliet Allen

Take it from Me.

Or popular female sexuality Instagrammer, Juliet Allen.