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KT Tape

KT Tape is an established fitness product brand specializing in elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

They are a licensee of the US Olympics and Team USA.

James Harden

What we did

  • Brand Partnerships

    Achieved over 400% increase in user engagement thorough cross promotional brand giveaways, influencers activations & athlete participation.

  • Social media

    Achieved 200% increase in FB and IG followers within 12 months through content development, video, strategic marketing promotions.

  • Video Marketing

    Leveraged FB & IG Live streams, flash sales & athlete page takeovers to help promote elite athlete participation. Attended over 20 world-class professional events to capture interactive video content.


Just a couple hours ago our Facebook page reached a new milestone: 70k likes on our page! We also recently surpassed the 40k follower mark on Instagram and 17k followers on Twitter. Since bringing on our new social media agency Socialfix three months ago and re-dialing our strategy, we’ve seen dramatic increases in “impressions” – the number of people seeing our KT Tape social media content online – and “engagement” – the amount of likes, comments, and shares. This has been an enormous group effort in collaboration with the athlete/NGB team, the events team, and the design team to generate frequent and engaging content for our core target audience. We have significant plans in the works to continue accelerating this momentum, so look for more exciting content to come.

Taylor West, KT Tape
Taylor West, KT Tape
Kerri Walsh

Promoting elite performance and recovery for athletes around the globe

We worked with KT Tape on social media marketing campaigns, content marketing and video production to build brand awareness and increase followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We first developed a content marketing strategy that incorporated video production and custom graphic design, as well as targeted Facebook ads to engage and educate audiences.

Promoting Elite Performance

KT Tape: Boris Berian

KT Tape: Bryan Bros Good Luck

KT Tape: Brenda Martinez

KT Tape: USA Track & Field Championships

KT Tape: Marta Callotta

KT TAPE - Julia - Performance Center Exercise

KT Tape: Intro Animation

KT Tape: Posterior Shin Splints

KT Tape: Long Beach

KT Tape: Brigetta Barrett

KT Tape: Kira Karlstrom Testimonial

KT Tape: #WinterStronger

KT Tape: Brenda Martinez

KT Tape: Good Luck Meb

How it works

How it works

Tennis elbow

Achilles tendonitis

Plantar fasciitis

Shoulder pain

Carpal tunnel

Shin splints

Gluteus pain

Neck strain

Calf strain

Ankle sprain

Wrist pain

Golfer’s elbow

Rib pain

Quad strain

Runner’s knee


Through a combination of rich original content, promotional events, and highly targeted social advertising, we were able to help KT Tape connect with their audience in new and exciting ways – the results were explosive.

Comprehensive analytic insights allowed us to efficiently test and compare different approaches, which ultimately drove strategy.

Procuring and empowering social influencers to spread the message of KT Tape helped to generate massive buzz, bringing in new potential customers in and outside of the target market.

Facebook Followers
Instagram Followers
Brand Partnership
What Is Athlete Branding?

Athlete branding is a strategy that focuses on the strategic, systematic, and data-based marketing placement of an athlete in the minds of existing and potential fans.

Athlete branding emphasizes standing out and staying relevant to people so they express support for the sport’s personality and help create athlete brand equity.

The importance of athlete branding comes from the opportunity for athletes to show who they are, establish a good reputation, and gain respect from fans and sponsors.

Athlete personal branding is a highly competitive venture that requires the help of an athlete branding agency with practical experience in promoting athletes, sports events and teams, and athletic brands.

What Is Sports Branding?

Sports branding is the attempt to create, establish and advance an image, story, and positive association with a brand. The difference between sports branding and other types of branding is that sports banding focuses on athletes and sport-related organizations.

Sports branding target audiences are usually fans, sponsors, and everyone else who can influence the success of an athlete or a sports club.

Do Athletes Brand Themselves?

Yes, many successful athletes and rising sports personalities use personal branding to promote themselves and any companies they found.

What Are the Advantages of Athlete Branding?

Athlete branding has many advantages. For example, athletes that take advantage of creating and marketing their brand have more power over how their public image is presented.

Creating and promoting content under an athlete’s brand helps reach wider audiences on social media platforms, including people who might not be particularly interested in sports, but are intrigued by the athlete’s private personna.

Growing a following under that brand helps sport personalities get noticed by sponsors and advertising partners.

How Can an Athlete Become a Brand?

To launch a successful athletic brand, the sportsperson has to first establish how they would want to be presented to fans.

The focus of the personal branding strategy, for example, should be to show who is the person behind the name and what they stand for.

That’s why when an athlete is presenting their brand to the public they should make sure they are:

  • Authentic

  • Transparent

  • Honest

Those qualities will help them establish a good reputation, stay close and continue to be interesting to fans and potential partners.

Can I Build My Athlete Brand?

Of course, you can! Everyone can be their own brand manager.

Navigating the potentially treacherous waters of social media and PR can, however, be overwhelming.

Not to mention, creating and promoting your brand takes time, which an athlete might not always have.

So if you have no experience with marketing and branding, it’s good to look for advice from seasoned branding and marketing experts.

Socialfix is a digital branding agency with over 16 years of experience, helping brands establish an engaging digital presence and skyrocket their following.

Reach out and let’s create your top-performing digital brand together!

What Do Sports Marketing Agencies Do?

Sports marketing agencies help athletes, sports teams, sporting events, and brands to create, promote and update their personal or professional image that helps them gain popularity and recognition with targeted audiences.

Part of the responsibilities of a sports marketing agency is to find the most effective, authentic, and engaging ways to communicate an athlete’s or a sports brand’s visual message and intangible elements like persona, brand promise, and goals.

How to Market Yourself as an Athlete?

If you’ve decided to manage your brand and its digital presence yourself here are a few tips on how to market your brand on social media.

  • Decide on your brand voice and how it will differ from your team’s marketing

  • Create social content that supports your personal brand

  • Participate in social events and charities that you believe are important

  • Share memorable moments of your games;

  • Interact and give shootouts to teammates, other athletes, sponsors, federations, and followers

  • Post throwbacks to acknowledge past achievements, teams, and support

  • Interact with teams, federations, and other sports fans/athletes

Content around these topics will help your audience get a better understanding of who you are as a person and what values you may share.

It will also help endorsers or sponsors get an idea if a potential collaboration between you is a good fit.

Why Is Branding Important for Athletes?

Personal branding is important for athletes because it helps them refine their image, gain popularity, and establish a direct line of communication with both fans and brand partners.

How an Athlete Can Create a Positive Personal Brand?

To ensure your personal brand conveys a positive message to your audience, a clear marketing strategy is always recommended.

Think about your goals as a brand. What makes you different from other athletes?

Decide on your content strategy in advance. Plan the type of content you want your followers to engage with. Fun content about your personal and professional life? Projects you’re starting? Charities you work with?

Establish what you want your brand to be associated with. Show what you care about and support others in their pursuit of the success you’ve already achieved.

What Are the 4 Ways You Can Build a Strong Personal Brand?
  1. Setting brand goals

  2. Growing your brand’s online presence

  3. Regularly connecting with fans

  4. Networking

Why Are Athlete Endorsements So Important for Brands?

Collaborating with a top athlete helps brands tap into new audiences who already trust and share the values of the sportsperson they support.

The athlete’s endorsement of a brand serves as social proof that their product is worth purchasing. It can be evidence of quality and superiority over a competitor’s product.

How Do Sports Marketing Agencies Promote An Athlete/Sports Brand?

A personal or a sport’s branding strategy is considered successful if it has been able to raise awareness and fanbase, gain support for the promoted athlete or brand, and help generate sales.

Sports marketers use a variety of tools and techniques to help them reach those goals.

The first step in establishing an athlete’s brand is creating a visual image and message that can be distributed on social media, a personal website, and other digital platforms and accounts of partners/sponsors.

That initial step of the branding strategy, helps the athlete engage with potential fans, grow their following, promote their values and message, and look for endorsements.

What Are Some Celebrity Personal Brand Examples?

Every athlete has a unique character, personal qualities, and attitude that wins them the admiration of fans.

An athlete’s professional qualities combined with their personality can help them create a marvelous online presence and skyrocket their popularity to celebrity status.

Serena Williams is a prime example of an athlete’s branding done right. The consistency of social media presence centered around a family-conscious image with her real-life behavior earned her praises and adoration from fans.

What’s more, her authenticity helped her gain people’s support for projects outside her tennis career. She continuously participates in numerous fashion collaborations and even managed to launch a successful clothing line.

LeBron James is another athlete that has created a brand persona that has made him instantly recognizable even among people who are not basketball fans.

He’s known as an athlete who owns his own narrative and has a public presence that doesn’t depend on his team’s image.

James is not only an accomplished athlete but a patron to many charitable causes, which wins him even more support from fans.

What Are Some College Athlete Branding Examples?

Personal branding is about creating a moving and memorable image of an athlete who is already true to their beliefs and principles.

It’s a strategy taken very seriously even by college athletes. Many players start investing in their personal brands at the same time as building professional careers.

Among the top-performing college athlete influencers are Paris Johnson Jr. from the Ohio State Buckeyes football team; Olivia Dunne from the Louisiana State University women’s gymnastics team, and sisters Haley & Hanna Cavinder, from the Fresno State basketball team.

These student-athletes have accumulated a massive online following that helps them promote their personal brands, and create partnerships with businesses they see value in.

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