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The Challenge: Create a Top Performing B2B eCommerce Website
The construction and industrial manufacturing industries are always looking for innovative ways to provide the best possible B2B shopping experience. Our client was no exception. They were looking for the perfect solution to provide superior performance and support for their contractor community through a well-crafted website design and functionality.
The Solution: UI/UX Design for a Modern B2B Kitchen Remodeling Manufacturer
New eCommerce Website Design
When a B2B marketing agency takes on an eCommerce redesign project - we pull all the stops. Take a look below at our reimagined new eCommerce experience.
Conversion Optimization (CRO)
The goal of any website is to convert into sales or lead inquries. Our goal with our kitche manufacaturing client was to achieve both. Take alook at some of our on-page improvements.
Cross-device and cross-browser compatibilty is critically important when your customers are on-the-go contractors, designers and kitchen cabinets installers. Our goal was to provide a consistent and smooth mobile-first experience on all devices. How did we do?

Quality Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry Wholesales

J&K Cabinetry offers distinctive and stylish cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms that are uniquely designed for home-owners who dream of high quality and elegant cabinetry.

B2B Construction & Manufacturing eCommerce Enabled Website
A digital showroom experience is what we set out to achieve along with the ability to showcase new product lines, provide education and training for kitchen installers on-the-go. In addition, inspiration content and a kitche visualizer were also integrated into the main website features for a truly custom experience.
B2B Kitchen Designers Friendly Sort & Filter Functionality
An enriched smart search capability can differentiate an innovative brand and allow its website visitors to easily make the right product selection. The kitchen remodeling industry was an especially challenging market to envision this capability. Our client was one of the first manufacturing brands to embrace digital commerce for its line of products. Take a look below at how we achieved this milestone:
Consumer-Friendly Product Pages
From product specifications, to video tutorials and even configuration suggestions and inspiration, our goal was to provide a fluid ecommerce experience regardless of whether the visitor was a homeowner or professional kitchen installer.

Every element and website component was carefully designs and reviewed by our team of designers, conversion optimization experts, SEO spcialists and user experience architects. The final result was to reimagine the kitchen manufacturing industry and ultimately achieve an easy to understand and navigate website presence. How did we do?

Inspiration for All with Custom Website Photography
The Result
The next generation of construction and home remodeling manufacturers will leverage digital technology stacks to improve their consumers’ experiences. We strived to improve our client’s brand conversation and provide immediate value to its B2B and B2C consumer base - from instructions for installers to inspiration to homeowers. What do you think?
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