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Chloe Colette Collection

We did

Ecommerce Platform

A custom-built platform as stylish as the brand itself. The Chloe Colette website takes the sleek and comfortable look from the clothes onto.

Social media

With Chloe Colette being a new company, we helped to increase the number of impressions and customer engagement.

Video & Photoshoot

Fashion brands mean photos and videos. We were able to create visual content that received great feedback and results.

Photoshoot with Branding

Upscale, Modern, and Edgy. We took the Chlo Colette brand through different locations that delivered spectacular images that helped spotlight the clothing and style.

Content Creation

Matching the content to the brand and clothes themselves, everything about Chloe Colette had been crafted to follow the same approach and guidelines.




Before working with Chloe Colette we really took our time to understand the vision and how the brand should be developed. We worked to create a brand that embodied the clothes themselves - a collection aspiring to timeless expression and irresistible simplicity. Showing sharp contrast and powerful visuals we were able to help define Chloe Colette.

Social media

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Nothing says high fashion like New York City. We were able to work with Chloe Colette on location to deliver high-quality photography and video shoot. Following the Chloe Colette ides of refining luxury with effortless style, we found locations that helped to encompass this idea. Along with the clothes themselves, we were able to help direct the message of the video to show what this new fashion brand is all about.

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