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3 Steps to a Quick Marketing Makeover

If you are in charge of your company’s marketing strategy, you know the number of channels you need to keep track of is completely out of control! From website analytics to social media ROI, PPC conversion rates to keyword optimization to content development and display advertising – the spinning world of internet marketing never sleeps.

However, there are a few cornerstone factors which can refresh and awaken your tired eyes and keep your competition on their toes.

1. Email Marketing + Facebook Retargeting = Brand Visibility
Email is still one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal when used correctly. Segmenting your email lists into different silos to separate repeat customers, abandoned shopping carts customers, social media leads, geo-targeting and other prospect categories, will help you deliver highly customized and targeted messages that speak directly to that prospect. In addition, Facebook now allows you to re-target your existing email lead lists and deliver highly personalized content through Power Editor. By creating custom audiences, you can grow awareness and engage your prospects in a brand new way. Just make sure your messages are fun, align with your brand and deliver valuable content.

2. Mobile Strategy + Social Media = Customer Retention
If you set the stage with a professionally designed and responsive website which is capable of delivering your message on mobile devices and then pair it with a smart social media outreach program, you will see better customer engagement and retention.  In the long-run, your target audience will recognize you as an industry thought leader, be aware of your solutions and this will ultimately convert into more sales.

 3. Social Sales + Your Bottom Line = Best Sales Year EVER!
If you are in sales today, (and let’s face it,  no matter what your title, if you own a business, you are in sales) you need to be comfortable using  the phone, email and voicemail. In addition, you need to  have a strong social presence, social klout and thought leadership. Using social media to your advantage to generate new leads, nurture your relationships and ultimately close more deals is one of the best ways to grow your bottom line.

So let’s face it, social media is a relatively a new game for brands. Just to give you an idea — there are 2.5 billion photos uploaded to Facebook every month, 200 billion spam emails sent per day, 1 billion YouTube videos uploaded per day and the average person watches 182 online videos per month! So although it may feel as though social media marketing has been around for a while, we are only beginning to scratch the surface.  New technology and features will enhance existing channels and give you the ability to get creative with your marketing.

So go forth and be fearless fellow business owners!

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by Kathleen