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Advertising With A Small Budget

Easy ways for a small business to promote themselves

It can be difficult for small businesses to get their name out there in the open. A smaller budget hurts their ability to use traditional advertising and the new social media advertising can be hard to understand and ineffective if not used properly. CIO has many tips gathered from experts to help small businesses properly advertise without using up their entire budget. One of their tips is to have a blog. A blog allows potential customers to get more information in a different context about the business. Guest blogging also gets a business out on to other sites and can show off its skills and knowledge. The consistently updated content will give the site a better chance of popping up on a search engine. A website should also be sure to utilize all social media channels. Today, almost everyone uses some sort of social media so if a business has a strong presence on a site like Facebook or Twitter their probably of being noticed increases. Advertisements on these sites are very visible and are a great way to get a companies name out to the public. Studies have shown that using sites likes Pinterest and Instagram are helpful as well. Most individuals respond well to visual stimulation and a great picture can really capture a person’s attention and encourage them to want to find out more.

Email is another affordable and powerful tool that can be utilized to advertise and market yourself and your business.  Reminders and updates sent by email can help keep customers active and involved in the business. Webinars are often overlooked but are another effective and low cost tool. According to Nicole Skuba of Blue Tree Digital “Webcast experts say some webinars see a 70 percent rebound effect comprising those who viewed the live broadcast as well as new individuals”. Lastly a company should be sure to issue regular press releases. These releases can be connected with bloggers and journalists who can then spread their content all over the Internet. Using a wire service to issue a press release is not very expensive and can often cost around two hundred to three hundred dollars.