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Why You Should be Using a Data-Driven Social Management Platform

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox have all made efforts to put the kibosh on third party cookies that collect user data, spoiling what looked to many as an orgy of free-flowing data sometimes used to track and analyze consumers wherever they are in whatever they do.

Privacy is crucial for free states, and many data management platforms (DMPs) use third-party data to understand consumer behavior for their users. The cookie checks, however, has its drawbacks. They negatively affect the function of some DMPs that have the innocuous intention to make consumer life easier, more bespoke, less disconnected.

At any rate, all DMPs aren’t the same. Some have the express primary function of organizing assets to deploy on social channels, for example. These data-driven social management platforms offer users one platform to create, deploy, and analyze the impact of social assets. Some also train users how to leverage data and follow best practice. The data-driven part means they offer assistance in tracking engagement and formulating statistics to back up that knowledge.

The new generation of data-driven social management platforms is here, and their advantages are indispensable in the marketing world.

These platforms reduce redundant communications, streamline data, and seamlessly deploy content. They keep teams on one page, offer advanced digital communication capabilities and automatic deployment of assets. They supply marketing stacks with the AI they need to compete in tough consumer environments where business is becoming faster, more bespoke, and data-driven. No, data isn’t just the new oil. It’s also the new electric battery that is charging us ahead to make better commercial decisions in this rapidly evolving consumer nation.

At Amplified3, a sister company to Socialfix, we’ve created a complete marketing agency management suite for smart digital asset management, asset distribution, and team training. It’s data-driven social management at its most advanced level. Follow the link or call us to hear how your marketing life can gain the AI superpowers it needs to launch ahead.

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