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What you can learn from Facebook’s Fourth Quarter Earnings

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In a recent article published in The Wall Street Journal Facebook made, yet another, quarter of massive advertising revenue growth in terms of its mobile ad business.

It was reported that revenue for the fourth quarter was $8.81 billion, up from 53% a year ago. And mobile accounted for 84% of advertising revenue.

Here is what marketers should keep in mind from the earnings report:

1. Hands down, Facebook’s audience is huge. The company said that 1.23 billion people used its services at lease once a day during December.

2. Video ads are working. More premium video ad opportunities for marketers are rising up on Facebook, as the platform shifts its focus to video. The company is testing new mid-roll advertising products.

3. Facebook TV is the future. Facebook is looking to implement a video tab into the social network, exclusively for professionally produced episodic content. Facebook will also be creating an app for TV set-top boxes to distribute content to users TVs, with plans down the road for advertising revenue to help fund the creators.

4. Mobile is hot. Facebook has proven that it has figured out, once what was a conundrum for most marketers– mobile advertising. The company reported that 84% of its ad revenue came from mobile during the fourth quarter, up from 80% in the fourth quarter of 2015.

5. Measurement capabilities are improving. Facebook will be ensuring that marketers understand what sort of returns they are getting for advertising on the platform. Facebook will continually be improving its measurement capabilities and consulting with more third party measurement companies going forward.



Virtual Reality, The New Frontier for Digital Marketing

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At Socialfix, we are always pointed towards the future to be on the forefront of both digital and social developments. And now, quite literally, we are looking into the future with the arrival of new Virtual Reality Headgear equipment and gaming software. When you wear VR headgear it’s as if you are actually being transported into another world.

As brand builders, we are always thinking of creative ways to immerse customers into the brands that we create. We aim to completely submerge customers in the story of a brand to create a lasting impression. Virtual reality and branding go hand in hand in the context of digital marketing.

Virtual Reality marketing campaigns have slowly been emerging alongside some very prominent brands.  VR has been used to reinvigorate customers and the way they interact with products. Ikea, for example, took a showcase and recreated it in a virtual reality app that exposed customers to a fully-equipped, and interactive virtual kitchen. Users can open drawers, change the color scheme and walk around the room without stepping foot in a showroom. Similarly, Northface used the technology to send their shoppers into a simulated weather environment for shoppers to test out their new gear within seconds of trying it on.

Ultimately, Virtual Reality is adding a new depth into the mechanics of digital marketing that is more tangible than its predecessors. With emerging technologies, the way that we communicate, tell stories and sell products will consequently change. VR is providing us with a new way to meet a brand’s objective and redefine the way that customers engage and revisit your products or services in the long term.

Kathleen McFadden
Client Development Coordinator

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[WEBINAR] Let’s Build the Ultimate Inbound Marketing Website – July 14 @ 11am EST

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Join Us On October 29th for Social Media Domination

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SmartCEO Webinar by Socialfix Media

Socialmedia Domination

JOIN US ON: Wednesday, October 29
TIME: 2:00pm EST
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In this free webinar brought to you by Socialfix & SmartCEO, you will learn steps on how to:

  • Utilize Facebook ads and re-targeting to get more leads
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  • Engage existing customers and nurture new leads
  • Increase engagement on your website by using social logins
  • Measure and track your success on social media

Social Media Spreads Case Of AL-Jazeera Prisoners

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Blue bird

All over the world people have taken to social media to express their opinions

For over one hundred days now three reporters from the broadcaster AL-Jazeera have been held prisoner in Egypt.  Thanks to social media their case has been spread all over the world. Ordinary people with no connection to the reporters, their network or even their country now have been given access to the information about their situation and the power to do something about it.  A campaign on the social media site Twitter has recently emerged to try and help release the three men.

According to Ahram OnlineThe campaign on Monday – under the hashtag #FreeAJstaff – featured journalists from the BBC and various Al-Jazeera channels, who posted photos on Twitter with their mouths covered with tape while holding banners reading “Free AJStaff” and “Journalism is not crime.” Even among the mass amounts of information on the internet, the Twitter hash tag allows everything about the AL-Jazeera case to be put together and easily accessible. Its trending status allows it to be easily seen, followed and has spread to people all over the world, giving then an accessible outlet to voice their opinion.

The mass spread of the information on the subject has sparked real world action. Many have gathered outside BBC’s building in London (BBCnews) and  several have arranged protests in South Africa (The Independent). When enough people support a cause it can have an enormous impact. Social media allows people to become more involved in affairs all over the world and express their opinions, creating movements that would not have been possible in the past. Protestors can gather hundreds of miles away  and still create a massive effect.   Every individual has the power to help change the world and social media gives them the perfect opportunity to do it.

Is Mobile SEO Taking Over

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How to respond to the new surge of mobile searching

Google has recently stated that by the end of the year, the amount of searches made on mobile devices will exceed those made on desktop computers. (Fishkin).  With this knowledge some business may be eager to try and enhance their mobile experience or be fearful if they have none at all. Before making any drastic changes these businesses should know that even though mobile searches are greatly increasing it does not mean the end of desktop searching.

One of the reasons that mobile searches are suddenly becoming much more popular is because new up and coming areas of the world are starting out mobile. All of these new users are coming into the market and instead of starting with desktops like many other areas did, they are immediately going to mobile devices. Another large group going straight to mobile devices are the younger generations. The great rise in mobile searches is coming from emerging groups and is not taking away from those who use desktop searching. If a businesses target audience is not in any these groups then they should not worry too much about this news from Google. However if a business does wish to improve its mobile SEO, has a few tips to help them.

“You want visitors who come via these channels, who come via mobile search, in particular, to want to come back later, and that means providing an experience, providing a brand experience, providing a message that’s really clear about what your company, product, information can offer them and why they should return in the future, why they should like you and trust you, why you’re a good site for them to check out in the future when they might have more of those transactional things, because chances are they’re not going to do them on that first mobile experience.” (Fishkin).

When a user first visits a mobile site they don’t actually make any purchases or do anything too in-depth. They get a feel for the site and its features and if they like what they experience they will return and go deeper. A mobile site that is fast, responsive, and provides a pleasant experience for the user, will give it a higher rating with Google. A common mistake that  sites make is forcing users to download apps or use overlays to advertise. Both of these things can be extremely obnoxious to viewers and will negatively impact their experience. The best thing a site can do for its SEO is make sure it provides its viewers with the best experience possible.

Large Companies Missing the Social Advertising Train

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Many large companies are still trying to effectively make use of strategic social advertising strategies.

Social media is a strong force in society today. It seems nearly everyone has a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site. Yet we still see many large companies that are not taking advantage of all that social media has to offer. Social advertising is one of the most important and successful forms of advertising used today, and it is often times overlooked.  According to a study done by Socialbakers, 14% of companies with over 5,000 employees don’t have a social advertising budget and only 10% don’t have more than a $1,000 budget. (Guglielmelli). Most younger companies understand the importance of social advertising, however they are still unsure of the most effective way to use it. When asked about the effectiveness of ad placements on Facebook most companies agreed that newsfeed ads were the best, but could not distinguish between ads on desktop computers and ads on mobile devices. Carly Guglielmelli of Socialbakers states “…marketers are still evolving and learning to fully leverage improved ad targeting provided by leading social networks. The majority have yet to discover the benefit of creating mobile specific content and CTAs.”

These large companies are also slow to advertise across multiple social media platforms. According to Socialbakers study 92% of the companies used Facebook while only 35% use YouTube and only around 23% use LinkedIn and Twitter.(Guglielmelli). Unsurprisingly, Facebook  is the most widely used out of all the social networking sites out there. Granting it the number one place for companies to try their hand at social advertising. Twitter is also a great platform for social advertising, but requires more attention and maintenance. The study also shows that about 65% of large companies outsource their social advertising functions and mainly only keep them in-house after post-boosting. These large companies are inexperienced to this new type of advertising but overtime they will most likely gain a stronger presence and start reaping all the benefits that social advertising has to offer.

3 Steps to a Quick Marketing Makeover

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Earthy background and design element depicting the word "think o
If you are in charge of your company’s marketing strategy, you know the number of channels you need to keep track of is completely out of control! From website analytics to social media ROI, PPC conversion rates to keyword optimization to content development and display advertising – the spinning world of internet marketing never sleeps.

However, there are a few cornerstone factors which can refresh and awaken your tired eyes and keep your competition on their toes.

1.  Email Marketing + Facebook Retargeting = Brand Visibility
Email is still one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal when used correctly. Segmenting your email lists into different silos to separate repeat customers, abandoned shopping carts customers, social media leads, geo-targeting and other prospect categories, will help you deliver highly customized and targeted messages that speak directly to that prospect. In addition, Facebook now allows you to re-target your existing email lead lists and deliver highly personalized content through Power Editor. By creating custom audiences, you can grow awareness and engage your prospects in a brand new way. Just make sure your messages are fun, align with your brand and deliver valuable content.

2.  Mobile Strategy + Social Media = Customer Retention
If you set the stage with a professionally designed and responsive website which is capable of delivering your message on mobile devices and then pair it with a smart social media outreach program, you will see better customer engagement and retention.  In the long-run, your target audience will recognize you as an industry thought leader, be aware of your solutions and this will ultimately convert into more sales.

3.  Social Sales + Your Bottom Line = Best Sales Year EVER!
If you are in sales today, (and let’s face it,  no matter what your title, if you own a business, you are in sales) you need to be comfortable using  the phone, email and voicemail. In addition, you need to  have a strong social presence, social klout and thought leadership. Using social media to your advantage to generate new leads, nurture your relationships and ultimately close more deals is one of the best ways to grow your bottom line.

So let’s face it, social media is a relatively a new game for brands. Just to give you an idea — there are 2.5 billion photos uploaded to Facebook every month, 200 billion spam emails sent per day, 1 billion YouTube videos uploaded per day and the average person watches 182 online videos per month! So although it may feel as though social media marketing has been around for a while, we are only beginning to scratch the surface.  New technology and features will enhance existing channels and give you the ability to get creative with your marketing.

So go forth and be fearless fellow business owners!

To find out more about these 3 strategies, please email me at ken [at] or follow us @socialfixMedia





A High Google Rank Isn’t Everything

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website building and marketing

The most important thing for a website to have is quality content

With millions of websites on the internet there is a lot of competition for viewers. Most are fighting tooth and nail for a high ranking from Google in order to gain more exposure to their site. Many sites mistakenly believe that tailoring their content for a higher ranking or trying to gain favor with Google will help them out, however this is not always true. In order to receive a high ranking a site should actually not even focus on their ranking at all. Instead they should simply try to be the best site they can be and provide the best experience for the target audience. According to Camille McClane of iMEDIACONNECTION “Essentially, those who aren’t providing anything of real value or any kind of useful information are going to have a harder time getting ranked high (or at all) than those who are trying to provide high-quality content.” Google is looking for the best quality sites and so the quality of content should be the focus.

 iMEDIACONNECTION also has tips on how a website can improve its ranking and get a better shot at being noticed through Google other than just focusing on content.  A strong marketing strategy is one of the best ways to attract users to your site.  This begins with understanding your audience, and marketing yourself to their wants and needs. The most successful websites are incredibly user friendly. Clean and well structured sites are appealing to customers, and should be fun and stress free to navigate. In this day in age we all suffer from having a short attention span and if your user cant navigate their way through your site, they will move on. And trust me, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other sites just like yours out there.

One of the most important aspects of websites today is the platform access. Everyone is searching the internet on their cell phones, and if your site is not smart phone or Ipad compatible then chances are you are missing out on a significant group of individuals.  Not only should a website be neat and simple for users, but overall it should contain quality content. Focus on being the best and earning a high ranking based on your performance not on getting a high ranking to make it better.

Is Wearable Technology A Blessing Or A Burden

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The Future Of Web

Can society adapt to this new kind of technology

The trend of wearable technology is still very new, but it has already come under attack. The new Google Glasses allow people to take pictures and recordings wherever they are and it can all be controlled through voice. Some are concerned about the security risks and invasion of privacy this can create. John F. O’Rourke and Patrick Soon of Inside Council state “Ours is soon to become a culture of cameras where citizens will be constantly surrounded by devices that can record at the blink of an eye … literally!” With so many people able to record without even moving it is difficult to know who is watching. Even with the issues this new technology brings it can still provide a great benefit to people. The physically impaired who may have difficulty moving their arms can now have access to the internet and better interact with their surroundings by taking pictures and videos. All of this can be done without moving, providing these people with a better sense of confidence and independence. This type of hands free technology can also be extremely beneficial to emergency response teams. Effortlessly, they are given the ability to view maps and routes to their destination as well as quickly send information to other team members. All of this can be accomplished while using their hands for other important tasks. “Such improved communication will improve firefighter safety, and it may help save lives. Paramedics, for example, will be able to show a doctor in a distant emergency room the extent of a victim’s lacerations, burns or bullet wounds.” (O’Rourke, Soon).

Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives. According to Steve Mann of the MIT Technology Review “These devices are not simply pieces of clothing or a variation on conventional eye wear. They have profound effects on how we see, understand, and remember the world.” Times are changing and although this technology may seem scary to some it has to many benefits to be ignored.  Like most new cutting edge technology on the market there are always security measures to consider, but there are often protocols and safety measures that can be put in place without hindering the growth of this new technology. Society has adapted to large technological changes before, and we will be able to do so again.