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Video Testimonials Build Brand Trust | How Socialfix Helped Monetti Custom Homes Capture Their Value Proposition on Video

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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“When recommending Socialfix to any potential client, I just say, let them handle it! They know what they’re doing, you’re going to look great, your company is going to look great,  they’re the only ones I trust. “

High praise from someone with the integrity and total professionalism of Robert Monetti, the owner of Monetti Custom Homes. 

Monetti Custom Homes is a third-generation family-owned business specializing in the construction and restoration of homes in New Jersey. The company is behind some of the most stunning home builds and renovations on the Jersey shore. They pride themselves in their unique approach to each project, closely following their customers’ desires, the land’s requirements, and the highest quality standards. 

Robert’s business deserved the attention of prospective buyers, and Socialfix was thrilled to get on board and help Monnetti transcribe its value proposition into video format.  

When we approached Monetti’s video project, our priority was to understand what made them such a successful business and how we could make sure their prospects understand how Monetti Custom Homes distinguishes itself from other developers in the area. 

We quickly understood we had a team of professionals fully dedicated to their clients and work. We were impressed by how helpful Monetti’s team was,  and how clearly Robert understood his target audience and what moves them. 

To communicate the brand’s message, we had to ensure the video content we create was up to par. So we let Monetti’s work speak for itself. We produced a compilation of individual interviews with some of Monetti’s clients that best showcased how clients felt about Robert and his team’s work. 

The number of happy homeowners was overwhelming, and we captured as many testimonials as possible to create a solid portfolio of satisfied Monetti customers around New Jersey. 

A home is a lifetime investment, and word of mouth is still the best way to establish trust with prospects. The video marketing content we conceptualized and produced, was the evidence potential customers needed, to ensure that with Monetti Custom Homes, they are in good hands. 

We’re proud our collaboration with Robert and his team ended up being the success it is and that Robert is happy with our partnership. Thank you for your trust, Robert! 

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