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How to Build Long-Term Partnerships with Industry Leaders/ Socialfix Helps Passaic Rubber Ramp Up Its Digital Presence

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Marketing is a highly efficient method of promoting and educating the public on the products and services you provide. For many businesses in traditional manufacturing industries, however, marketing has not always been at the top of the priorities.

And while there is still some convincing that we as marketers need to do to win the confidence of partners in the off-line market places, we are extremely happy that a new generation of leaders is already taking the necessary steps to transition their companies into the digital world. 

James Leach, the VP of Passaic Rubber Company, is not only one example of such a leader, but a dear friend to Socialfix Media, with whom we’ve worked for over 8 years. 

Passaic Rubber Company is a family-owned company offering the finest rubber rollers, endless belting, and calendered rubber materials. Founded in 1919,  the company supplied rubber materials used in the construction of the George Washington and Golden Gate Bridges. 

After a century of expanding its production lines and rubber expertise, the company has turned its attention to the digital world and the opportunities better online positioning creates for brands like theirs. 

And they found the perfect fit with Socialfix. We’ve been collaborating since 2014, helping Passaic modernize its brand through meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns. 

Some of the services we’ve provided include:   

  • Video and animation content
  • SEO & PPC campaigns
  • Social media strategies
  • Newsletters, trade shows, and corporate branded materials

Socialfix understands what it means to run a business looking to offer more than just a product, so we’ve centered our campaigns for Passaic, around educating and showcasing how their customers can benefit from the premium rubber knowledge and practical expertise built over a century. 

We’re thankful to Passaic for the trust, and James for the kind words! It continues to be a pleasure working with such a driven team of professionals. 

If you too are looking for cutting-edge marketing solutions to best portray your brand and excel in everything digital marketing, look no further. Socialfix is here to listen and help! 

Get in touch today with our team today! Let’s turn your project into another success story! 

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