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Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Video Content/ Increase Group Collaborates with Socialfix on First Post-Covid Live Event

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Maddy Connolly, Managing Director of Increase Group was kind enough to share a few thoughts on the company’s collaboration with Socialfix.

We helped Increase Group shoot the highlights of their first post-Covid live event, and create social and website content to promote their brand. 

Increase Group is an excellent company that delivers executive-level, bespoke, invitation-only roundtable events globally. Their events are focused on specific industries and job functions that aim to bring business leaders together and facilitate transformation. 

After two years of mandatory virtual events, Increase Group was looking forward to kicking off their live events once again. They needed a professional video production agency to help them capture key moments from the event, so they turned to Socialfix!

Socialfix’s expert videographers were on-site to record attendees’ testimonials, networking sessions, presentations, and some off-script memorable moments during the event. 

We were happy to assist Maddy and her team with:

  • On-site video coverage of event
  • Logo animation, custom motion graphics
  • Video post-production
  • Website banner
  • Promo videos

The event’s wrap-up videos found their place in the Increase Group marketing strategy, specifically on their social media and website. The brand also needed a web design boost, and videos to embed in their website banners. 

Servicing Increase Group video needs from start to finish, quickly and precisely was a priority for us, and we’re glad our efforts paid off. 

Socialfix always tries to dedicate the necessary resources and focus on bringing our client’s visions into reality.  We’re happy that our partnership ended up being a success for Maddy too, and that she would recommend Socialfix to partners! 

If you’re too looking for a timely and hands-on approach to complement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Socialfix can help! 

Get in touch today with our team today! Let’s turn your project into another success story! 



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