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Should You Use AI Content Generation Tools?

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These days, marketing experts, say that content is king. And we couldn’t agree more. Aside from responding to your audience’s questions, it also helps you connect with consumers, generate leads, build connections, and gain people’s trust. This is why content production and distribution are crucial for every business, and AI-generated content is the new name in the game. 

But as the demand for new and unique content continues to increase, many businesses struggle to keep up. As you’re probably aware, the entire content creation process takes time. And creating high-quality content on a regular basis can be a burden, especially if you’re just starting out.

With that, would it be possible to automate, or at the very least, simplify the process of creating content?

Can You Automate Content Creation? 

Yes, it is possible through AI content generator tools. 

In the past few years, AI generator tools for content have been gaining popularity in digital marketing. The beauty of AI-assisted content creation is that through it you can create any type of content. 

From a press release, blog post to a social media post, AI content generators can give you the content you need in a few seconds.

But like any new technology, there are pros and cons to using AI content tools. 

So if you’re planning to join the ranks of people taking advantage of AI content generation tools, here’s what you need to know before jumping in on the bandwagon.

What is an AI Content  Generator?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already ubiquitous, and it’s almost a need in our daily life. It may be found in our favorite television shows, our phones, laptops, automobiles, houses, health records, bank accounts, and even our pets. So, what precisely are AI content generators?

With AI generator tools, people can generate material written by an AI bot without humans researching, analyzing, and writing the content.

There are indeed new ways to generate content, but it is no longer about the content, and it’s all about encouraging visitors to interact with your website or blog. That’s why the biggest challenge for AI content generator tools is how to adapt to a human-driven content generation world.

Here, another valid question arises: will AI replace human content writers? 

The short answer is no. Not yet, at least.

While AI is intelligent, good writing is built on context and invoking the right emotions, and humans are still better at recognizing those two. Developing an AI tool that can entirely replace a person and still match human writers will take some time. 

How Does an AI Content Generator Work?

An AI content generator works by rewriting existing content using natural language processing. To use these tools, you will need to fill in the keywords of the topic you want to create content about, and the tool will come up with original content.

The content doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your website content. Although websites will be taking the most advantage of these tools, there are several other ways AI is helping large organizations create valuable content. Some of which are:


Chatbots are widely used in the service industry.  They’re quite helpful in answering the most searched questions in a matter of seconds. These AI-powered bots work with the help of a voice generator that uses pre-set knowledge based on natural human conversations. 

Chatbots are only intelligent enough to answer queries they have already received in the past. However, they cannot work on new queries due to their limitation of processing new data.

Voice Assistants

NLG (Natural Language Generation) is a process in which artificial intelligence (AI) is used to create written or spoken outputs. With the assistance of NLG, AI content generation tools could build voice assistants, ready to answer our queries. Alexa and Siri are two examples of how companies can use the technology in real-life applications. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) content generators are now widely used in marketing and social media. Overall, their use simplified the consumer journey. As a result, businesses are starting to look for ways to adapt the technology in their processes, in an attempt to streamline operations and improve customer service.

Other Uses of AI in Content Generation and Development

We have a lot of responsibilities as digital marketers, and we often have to sacrifice time that we don’t have while writing a blog post or producing content. Aside from improving your content strategy, AI can also help you create “distribution” techniques (audience research; content audits; distribution channels, types of content, etc.) that are as interactive as possible. Artificial intelligence may also help you save money and time when it comes to content creation and development.

AI and NLG

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is one of the most significant areas of artificial intelligence research. It concerns the generation of simple texts and news articles, that don’t require the involvement of humans. NLG-based content counts on algorithms to structure and produce the content. It’s analogous to using natural language processing in the reasoning step.

The technology is gaining huge popularity, so much so, that several news companies, including The Associated Press, FOX, and The Washington Post, employ it to deliver weather and sports information today.

However, it’s important to state that presently NLG is still unable to create free-flowing material that incorporates all the nuances of human linguistics using.

As a result, every type of text creation can be categorized as an “experiment.” Individual ideas nevertheless need the presence of an active writer.

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Benefits of Using an AI Content Generator

There are many advantages of using an artificial intelligence content generator. Some of them are:

Access to More Relevant Content 

An AI content generator creates a library of relevant content for your business using artificial intelligence algorithms. You can simply keep accumulating business data, and the tools will come up with content solutions based on their analytical capacity.

Better Blogs

The AI generator continuously enables you to generate high-quality content for your website, blog, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns.

Faster Content Creation

Adding new material to your website becomes a much faster and streamlined process. Using AI content-generating tools you will have plenty of time for other more urgent and essential tasks.  

Search Engine Optimized Content

The easiest way to attract organic interest in your product and services is to rank high on search engines results page.

Most AI-generating tools create content structures, based on data gathered from the web on the most searched questions target audiences have. The content is search engine optimized and ready to answer the most pressing issues users have. 


AI content tools can help you cut costs on mundane and repetitive tasks. It can help you focus your employees on creating quality content, based on more detailed research and better structure- aided by the AI tool. This will free resources for growth.

More Time to Expand Your Business

You’ll be able to begin your internet business and then focus on growing it instead of spending all of your time on content generation.

Reduce Human Errors

Human errors are inevitable in content generation. No matter how expert your content creators are, no one produces error-free content 100% of the time. Sometimes they may not have access to the data they require; other times, they may not have enough time to generate content proficiently.

Whatever the case may be, an AI content generator can help you cut errors and time in producing your content.

No Downtime Needed

Unlike humans, machines do not require rest. They are programmed to work at all hours of the day and night. There are no delays with content creation and turnover slow-downs.

Eliminate Repetitive Jobs

Artificial intelligence is taking over jobs that are repetitive and easy to perform. AI programs perform them without feeling bored and unproductive. This allows businesses to delegate or get rid of tedious, time-consuming duties.

Here are some other ways AI content generators can be helpful

AI content generators are immensely helpful when strategizing your content and structuring articles.

Disadvantages of Using AI Content Generation Tools

AI content generation tools have plenty of advantages, but there are also some downsides of using AI in content writing you should know about. 

Job Market Will Change 

Artificial intelligence brings increased efficiency and automation, which inevitably leads to issues with employment among the previously engaged human force. As AI replaces some jobs, marketers will need to look for re-qualification opportunities, that will direct content creators into new areas of expertise. 

These types of changes are completely natural to our society and have been happening since people have started organizing their labor. The shift, however smooth, will create initial disturbances in employment rates. 

Increasing Reliance On Machines

As we all know, technology is a valuable aid but a hazardous master. Organizations would become far more reliant on robots as human intervention declines. This in turn can create risks for organizations if there are sudden issues with electricity, for example. 

Furthermore, the AI used in services with human interaction, cannot yet fully comprehend the specter of human emotions yet, which may lead to issues with customer support solely relying on chatbots.  

Lack Of Imagination

Whatever level of intelligence a computer achieves, it will always be “artificially intelligent.” And so far it’s unable to deliver in terms of creativity as much as a human can. In complex scenarios, an AI generator tool would be unable to provide a ready-made answer.

AI Content Generator vs. Content Writers

While this comparison may make content writers squirm, it is a valid one to make and will likely come up more often in the future.

Because of the advancement of AI technology and its open development platform, an AI writer, once advanced enough, could be a more financially feasible option for a small firm. 

Take, for example, AI Writer- a content generation platform, that claims to create unique AI material in under a minute based on just a headline. In the future, the platform may present a good opportunity for content generation for small and financially unstable companies. 

The software uses AI  and can deliver decent automated content at the moment, but it is still in the development stage and with limited capabilities. 

Unlike humans, these types of tools are still not as creative or as emotionally intelligent to be able to write and structure content flawlessly. If you want to deliver high-quality posts and articles that offer real value to the reader, you’re better off hiring a content writer.

Organic or AI-Based Content: What Does Google Prefer?

Google’s Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) changes, suggest we should avoid using AI content generation tools. BERT is a term used by Google to describe how it comes with results for searches using a natural language processor (NLP) machine.

Previously, searchers were compelled to enter fragmented words to construct a “keyword” search, but Google’s BERT hopes to change that. This AI-powered tool deciphers the context of keyword searches to grasp the searcher’s intent better.

The capacity to distinguish high-quality material from junk is the most significant shift brought forth by BERT. While we have yet to discover whether BERT can distinguish good, high-quality material from AI-generated content. A content piece’s topic, and tone will influence its score.

AI content, should not be used to replace original material or a content writer, as search engines like Google recommend. It may, however, guide the path of a blog post, content marketing strategy, and early content research.

Content marketers should use AI for content development to discern target audiences’ paths, buyer journeys, and interests. In that specific context, using AI to create your content structure makes sense.

Will AI-Generated Content Help Your SEO?

AI has long been a term in the SEO business; yet, as with many cutting-edge technologies, opinion is divided for AI too. Some professionals support the use of AI content generation, while others see it as a threat to the flourishing content creation industry.

AI is undeniably beneficial technology. And it has the capacity to help with research, data analysis, and planning stages of content production,  however, at the moment AI is, arguably, not as useful in the actual writing. 

How Does Google See AI Generated Content?

What will Google and other search engines do with material created by AI? What does Google’s purpose of “organizing the world’s information and making it widely accessible and valuable” imply for the never-ending stream of material AI systems can churn out day after day?

Well, Google is quite clear about its priorities regarding content. If Google only focuses on keywords, the blackhat techniques would be flourishing today.

Companies wouldn’t have to struggle for years to rank on first pages, because there are a lot of shortcuts to creating backlinks and other technical details on the SEO part.

The reality, nevertheless, is different. And for market leaders like Google, the priority lies in the intent over any other ranking factor. That drives how content is created and the BERT framework is particularly useful for its ability to extract intent through context. 

AI-created content is still in its infancy and often struggles to create emotionally intelligent content, which affects context. This indicates that fully AI-generated content will probably not rank as high on the search engine. 

With the further development of artificial intelligence technology and the improvement of content created by it, we might see a shift in Google’s perspective. So far, however, it’s anyone’s guess at whether automated content has a chance for a higher ranking. 

Bottom line

With AI blanketing every walk of life, we are getting closer to automating every area of our lives. AI content generation tools are also a part of this change.

The rapidly developing AI technologies are taking the content generation industry by storm. However, the future is not yet clear. Giants like Google do not fully support the idea of content created entirely by machine intelligence.

Soon, tasks related to content research and structure will ultimately be done by AI content generation tools. Nevertheless, the most emotional and creative pieces will still be reserved for humans.Banner Socialfix Services



Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods, and more. Join her on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest reviews on content creation tools.

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