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Top 7 Video Marketing Tactics to Increase Lead Generation

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Videos have become an essential tool for marketers in promoting products or services. This content format is so popular that it’s estimated to account for 82% of internet traffic in 2022. With this in mind, producing videos for product campaigns can benefit companies as more internet users love watching videos.

Video content plays an important role in attracting more viewers to visit a website as 83% of marketers believe that incorporating videos have increased the average time their visitors spend on a page. Moreover, 84% agree that videos help generate more leads than other content marketing formats, such as blogs and whitepapers.

Therefore, many marketers use a video marketing strategy to leverage their product campaigns, especially social media and other platforms. Since videos are easy to understand, incorporating this marketing strategy can help you achieve goals rather quickly. 

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important and effective content forms on the internet. It’s the method of using videos to promote a brand, product, or service in marketing campaigns. 

Videos are insanely popular compared to other content formats. Ultimately, there are two major reasons why they are so popular on the internet. First, more people turn toward online media to find information and entertainment so that they can understand faster. Videos are easy to digest—no matter how diverse viewers’ backgrounds are, people can watch and grasp the message from videos more easily than reading blog posts.

Second, as most internet users love watching videos, many businesses are trying to provide content in a video format to attract an audience. Hence, resulting in so many creators and brands making videos for their marketing purposes. 

In addition, the second-largest website in the world is YouTube, a video hosting platform. That means there’s a very high probability your audience will be searching for new information and viewing the content in a video format. 

 Therefore, it’s undisputed that using a video marketing strategy can help businesses build an audience as well as make conversions out of it. 

The Benefits of Using Video Marketing

Since 68% of customers prefer watching video content to reading articles, making videos for a marketing campaign will help you convince the audience to make a purchase. In fact, about 64% of viewers decide to buy a product right after watching branded videos on the internet. 

There are more benefits you can get from using this marketing strategy, including:

Videos Improve Social Engagement

Watching videos is the easiest way to get information across. What’s more, they are easy to access and distribute to multiple social media platforms. Viewers can quickly send videos right at their fingertips, making it even easier for the content to trend overnight. 

When your videos are shared repeatedly, you’ll have a high chance of getting new audiences beyond your reach. Since people can share the content with anyone on the internet, you can expect a new surge of engagement that you had never imagined before. 

Videos Eliminate Language Barriers

There are over 7 billion people worldwide, and more than 4.88 billion of them own a smartphone or device with internet access. That’s roughly 61.85% of all connected devices used by potential consumers looking for your products or services. As you can imagine, it would be nearly impossible to develop an effective marketing campaign aimed at these numbers that consider different languages, cultures, and more. 

Videos, however, can represent the message well in the form of visuals and sounds to your audience. No matter what language they speak, they can understand your brand’s messages effectively through video content. 

Videos Improve SEO and Page Rank

Google announced that video content would be one of their top ranking factors, and the search engine giant is sticking to its word. If you want to enjoy a fairly stable traffic flow to your website, you need to start uploading videos on your blog.

Videos allow your website to get easily discovered when users type specific keywords. With videos, people can quickly recognize your blog among others because it stands out the most. 

Videos Help You Establish Credibility

There is something extra special about personally interacting with a brand or even an individual through video rather than simply reading their written words. One of the most immediate ways for any business owner to show they are trustworthy is by broadcasting live video sessions where viewers can ask questions about your product or service offerings. 

Videos Increase Conversions

Videos help your audience to consider making a purchase on a product they barely know. Compared to written descriptions, product demo videos can help people understand product benefits and features quickly.

More importantly, it’s exciting to watch product demonstrations in a video format rather than reading a long list of features they are less likely to imagine. Therefore, it increases your chance of getting more conversions as people will always prefer watching videos before buying the product. 

9 Common Types of Video Marketing For Business

Although videos can be used for many purposes, marketing campaigns and promotional content require different videos that allow companies to convince customers. The following are a few marketing videos that work best for every business. 

1. Explainer Video Marketing

An explainer video is one of the most used marketing content for promotional purposes. This video marketing tactic is all about bringing a concept or process to the forefront by explaining it concisely and straightforwardly. 

The goal of explainer videos is to sell your concepts through visuals and narration, so you have to be careful when planning this type of video content, especially if you are doing it from scratch. Make sure that you give out just enough information without leaving any crucial points for your prospects to ponder later.

2. Direct Response Video Marketing

This type of video content may not be as common as explainers but still significantly influences your target market’s purchasing decisions. A direct response video must grab attention immediately and provide enough information for people who want more details about a product or service before making a purchase.

3. Product Demo Video Marketing 

This is the type of video that you would most likely find on a product or company website. A demo video showcases the best parts of your product and service with visual aids like screenshots, screencasts, images, and text within the first few seconds. If your prospects are interested in what they see, they might be encouraged to buy your product.

4. Testimonial Video Marketing

Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful ways to get people to trust your brand, especially since it comes from someone already purchased from you before. This type of video leaves a positive impression for both customers and search engine bots alike, improving your rankings for specific keywords relevant to your business. 

The only problem is finding customers who are willing to take time to leave a review on your product. However, you shouldn’t be too worried if you’ve offered the best customer service to your customers as they will do it voluntarily.

5. How-to Video Marketing

How-to or tutorial videos are the best ways to explain using your product or service if it is too complicated. You can also show potential customers how easy it is to use your product or service through a video instead of reading an article full of technicalities that they may not understand. 

A guaranteed bonus with testimonial videos is that you will have more SEO authority because people are proven to read fewer articles than watching videos, which increases their chance of ranking higher on search engines.

6. Live Video Marketing

You can use live videos to build your brand’s reputation. Live videos will attract more attention because they are happening at that moment. Therefore, having them recorded and uploaded into your YouTube channel means they can live forever and reach out even to those who couldn’t make it to the event.

Incorporating live videos in one of your marketing campaigns allows you to connect with your audience in real-time. You can listen to their feedback and give them solutions they need regarding your product or service. By actively engaging with your audience, you’ll increase your chance of getting more potential customers who like your broadcast.

7. Sales Pitch Video Marketing

Sales pitch videos let your clients know about what to expect from your product or service. Instead of describing the benefits of a certain product, you can do it through a 2-minute video that will help them to form an opinion on whether they should buy the item or not.

If your company is based in a remote location, you can make sales pitches through video conferencing with local customers. Using sales pitch videos will help you create rapport since customers believe what they see through visual representation instead of believing what they hear.

8. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Video Marketing

This type of video content effectively provides information to your customers since it’s much easier to watch a video rather than read through an FAQ blog. This video particularly comes in handy when you are not physically present at the moment, or perhaps you do not wish to speak over the phone to answer similar questions.

Frequently asked question videos also help you better cater to your audience, and determine what kind of information they find useful. As a result, you can make a greater approach for new customers and improve the credibility of your brand. 

9. Brand PR Video Marketing

This may be a step in a different direction from the typical marketing tactic, but it can sometimes be the best way to create brand awareness and loyalty with your target market. If you want to give a certain idea or value about your product or service that will help build trust between you and your customers, then video content may just be the vehicle for doing so. 

After all, people are visual creatures by nature which makes us more inclined to notice this type of content. Video is also an ideal format to grab attention for events such as grand openings or launch parties. 

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7 Tips to Use Video Marketing in Generating Leads

While video marketing strategies can form in different video formats, each is great for collecting leads and nurturing them down into your marketing funnel.

This article will help you improve your video marketing tactics in order to gain leads and close more deals. 

1. Use Videos As Gated Content

Videos, once done, tend to be very useful for many businesses. However, most businesses don’t know how they can generate more leads with a video marketing strategy. There is so much information available with this one media that it’s often difficult to come up with a shortlist of tips and tricks on how video marketing can generate more leads.

Once you have created a video, why not try to combine it with your blog posts? You can then offer it as an added value for subscribing to your newsletter. If the prospect values the information you are sharing in your videos, he would love to get more of it by subscribing to your newsletter. This is an excellent method of generating leads.

2. Include Videos In Email Messages

Videos are visual mediums of communication, which means they are more engaging than plain text. If you handle email marketing campaigns for your business, consider adding videos alongside images or infographics to your emails. 

Nowadays, it has become easy to do so with the help of email marketing software. You can upload your videos and include them in the template design. Or, you can also add a screenshot of your video footage and drop the link in your email messages. Not only will this tactic increase the engagement rate, but it also brings better CTR rates for your business.

3. Add Videos On Landing Pages

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, adding videos and written content might do wonders for you. Make sure that your videos are short and sweet. They shouldn’t exceed 2-3 minutes long as they may bore your audience midway.  

It’s also crucial to A/B test your videos (and pages) using heat maps testing software tools to let you know the areas of improvement on your landing pages by recording user behavior such as clicks. This will also help improve the user experience on your website. 

4. Incorporate Video Retargeting On Social Media

You can target users based on their interests, allowing you to offer the right product for your target audience. Take a look at Facebook ads, for example. 

As far as social media is concerned, video retargeting allows you to find the right people to promote your products or services. The video retargeting option on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter helps you reach out to your target audience more effectively and efficiently.

5. Use Video Case Studies

Video case studies help prospective customers relate to and identify with what you’re offering because it doesn’t feel like some fancy ad but rather an honest endorsement from someone who has used your product or services successfully. 

You can create these videos by asking current customers if they’ll agree to record themselves sharing their stories on how they use your product or service to improve their lives and find solutions to their problems. 

6. Incorporate Video Testimonials

Firstly, you can’t expect all your prospects to talk on camera about how well they have used your product or service. Luckily there are other ways for potential customers to relate to what you offer through video testimonials. 

You can easily create a compelling video testimonial by asking one of your existing customers if they agree to record themselves sharing their thoughts on why people should choose your brand over the others out there.

7. Insert a Clear Call to Action in Your Video Marketing Content

Call to action plays an important role in generating leads from your video content. If you want to generate leads from your videos, make sure to create a clear call-to-action asking viewers to do something after watching the video. It could be subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, following your social media handles, and many more. 

Make sure not to keep viewers wondering what they should do next when watching your marketing videos. You should tell them what to do in a concise manner. However, don’t ask your viewers too many questions in one go. Instead, ask just one specific question at the end of your video and provide multiple ways for them to respond.

The bottom line is that your video should help viewers visit your website or purchase your products easily.

Bottom Line

Business owners have used a video marketing strategy for the past few years, agreeing that this tactic has brought more sales to the company. As more internet users are familiar with consuming online videos daily, incorporating this marketing strategy should have never been easier than before. 

You can make different marketing videos and promote your product or service while still entertaining your viewers. There are lots of marketing videos that you can produce. Make sure to create one that fits your sales funnel to convince your prospects better.

Don’t forget to apply a few tips from this post to optimize your reach. You may find obstacles along the way, or your videos don’t work well; however, you should keep in mind to strive for a better campaign in the future as video content isn’t going anywhere soon.

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing uses videos to advertise and sell your product or service. It can be used to increase engagement on social channels, educate users and potential customers, and reach audiences.

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important and effective content forms on the internet. It’s the method of using videos to promote a brand, product, or service in marketing campaigns. 

How Does Video Marketing Work?

Video marketing works through the videos a brand creates. They are the content that aims to promote a company, raise awareness, establish credibilty and drive sales of a product and services.

 It’s a data-driven marketing strategy that can measure and track customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Is Video Marketing Effective?

Yes, video marketing is very effective!  83% of marketers believe that incorporating videos have increased the average time their visitors spend on a page. Moreover, 84% agree that videos help generate more leads than other content marketing formats, such as blogs and whitepapers.

Which Are Some Benefits of Video Marketing?

Video marketing can help you: 

  • Help You Establish Credibility
  • Improve Social Engagement
  • Eliminate Language Barriers
  • Improve SEO and Page Rank
  • Increase Conversions
Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing is important for your overall digital strategy success because people love to watch videos. 

On average, the US adult spends 103 minutes, or 1 hour & 43 minutes per day watching digital video on devices. 

That’s an incredible opportunity to use videos in a variety of ways and reach a diverse and engaged audience. 

Where To Use Video Marketing?

You can use video marketing to boost your social media channels, to introduce your brand and important topics on your website. 

You can create webinars to share educational and promotional content across multiple channels (website, social media, email newsletter, third-party platforms),  stream live videos, create animated explainer videos. 

How To Make Marketing Videos for My Business?

Start by planning your entire process from start to finish. 

  •  Pick a purpose of your video;
  •  Analyze possible topics, considering who your audience is and what makes them connect, engage, or be entertained; 
  • Mind the quality of your production. Make sure the final product comes out alright. The best way to do that is to look for professionals to help you-  like Socialfix
What Are Some Common Video Types Used in Marketing?

Plenty of video types can be utilized for the purposes of marketing and they all deliver great results. Here are a few you can try: 

  • Explainer Video
  • Direct Response Video
  • Product Demo Video 
  • Testimonial Video
  • How-to Video 
  • Live Video 
  • Sales Pitch Video
  • Frequently Asked Question
  • Brand PR Video
Is Socialfix Video Marketing Agency?

Yes, we are! We have helped hundreds of businesses to develop and create their videos and kick start their successful video marketing campaigns. 

Contact us and let’s get started with your video marketing strategy! 

Can Socialfix Help Me with Video Marketing?

Yes, we can! Tell us about your business project and we’ll help turn your message into a winning video marketing strategy! 

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