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Socialfix Releases New Podcasts on Amplified3

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Socialfix recently launched a new set of podcasts on Amplified3, featuring some of industry’s most pioneering leaders today. Main themes breakdown soft skills development, build professional crowdfunding strategy, and bootstrap entrepreneurs with boutique branding. Check-out the digest below, then listen to the full episodes for the latest tips and trends you need in entrepreneurship, startups, emerging technologies, and data science.  

Susan Ascher

In episode 11, master networker, author, and leadership speaker Susan Ascher talks about her journey to EQ leadership coaching with host Terry Tateossian. They start with the problem of how people are losing their social skills while, at the same time, becoming replaced by machines to some automated degree. The answer, they find, lies in building the soft skills that have been intrinsic practice in business for millenia, and Susan teaches a classical approach to manners and empathic development. Her council expertly combines business culture and soft skills, helping her clients cultivate respect for each other in a world where machines, not people, are becoming our first lines of communication. For the iconically successful, she says, it’s people who always come first.  

Chuck Pettid

The next episode features serial investor and crowdfunding expert Chuck Pettid. Chuck and Terry discuss the most challenging aspects of equity crowdfunding, startup fundraising, crypto, and general start-ups strategy. Who should tune in? Startups, investors, and established companies. Investors learn how to vet companies for their investor base. Startup founders find out how to route a rewards-based campaign. Established companies learn the different levels funding portals provide. Chuck also talks about cultivating the personality needed to successfully brand, and how founders can set themselves up to raise capital in pre-, during-, and post-campaigning.  

Henry Kaminski Jr.

Author and brand strategist guru Henry Kaminski Jr. is welcomed next in a double episode feature. The ‘Brand Doctor’ begins his story from conception to family life. His parents were very determined people, which was passed onto him, leading to great success in his entrepreneurial career. In his young adult life, while hanging out in the music scene, he got bit by the creative bug in graphic design, meeting stars and doing Jon Bon Jovi’s design work along the way. Henry eventually got the clarity to start Unique Designz, a full service graphic design and strategic marketing firm fit to design brands, attract clients, and scale expertise. Henry is also author of Refuse To Give Up and host of the popular Brand Doctor’s Podcast, where he talks strategies that help entrepreneurs design reputable and profitable personal brands

Check out the episodes on Amplified3, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Packed with industry tips, comic anecdotes, and thoughtful commentary, Amplified3 delivers essential audio storytelling for the martech media space.

That’s not all! Stay tuned for more news and content from Socialfix Media and Amplified3.

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