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Who is your #1 Sales Person?

We often refer to your website as a 24 hour a day 7 day a week sales machine. A well designed and executed site will have all of the best attributes of a top performing sales rep. It is informative, efficient in delivering compelling brand values that speak directly to the emotional and functional needs of the visitor, and always tells the visitor next steps to closing the sale.

So now you have the world’s best sales rep at your disposal. Would we just let him sit at his desk and wait for the phone to ring? Or would you kick their butt and tell them to get busy making sales calls, networking, setting appointments, sending emails, going to events etc… until they were able to reach their quota. Then we would expect even more.

At the end of the day, the digital sales process is not that different than traditional sales. Instead of cold calling we do email blasts, SEO and PPC campaigns. Instead of networking events, we do social media marketing through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Instead of setting appointments we use interactive websites to help prequalify and auto-respond to leads before we start spending expensive human hours on a live sales process. In addition we can create newsletters and industry whitepapers, blog and create digital PR campaigns.

Every successful sales rep has a sales funnel and every company that wants to increase their bottom line in 2014 needs to have a strong digital sales funnel too. Your digital marketing plan should have a wide range of engagements with each specific tactic being tested and improved through iterations to produce a lean mean selling machine that your website was born to be.
If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy yet. Here are a 3 steps you should be taking right now to start:

  1. Social Media – Social Media will mean something different for every company and the mix of where and how to engage will be very different for each one. But with very few exceptions, EVERY company and its key employees should be on one of the big 3, of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media can be both a source of long term relationship building with clients and partners, as well as a personal network builder and sales generation tool when used to its fullest potential.
  2. Email and Newsletter Campaigns – Branded regular communications with your clients, partners and prospective clients and partners will give you touch points over long periods of inactivity or low contact. These touch points should not be direct attempts to sell but instead take the opportunity to present your company’s human side. Let these contacts in on the culture and things going on inside your organization. Share your industry knowledge and expertise with them.
  3. Digital PR – Events, awards won, new products or services, charitable contributions, business partnerships etc… should be broadcast on a regular basis to online PR sites like and Not only is this good content for your press pages of your website but the link-juice of digital PR articles is great for your SEO.

If time is your biggest limitation to starting these initiatives, we at Socialfix are equipped to guide you through the process of creating and implementing a successful digital marketing plan that will have your website off its chair and out there kicking butt as your top performing sales machine!