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The Best Ideas Start on a Napkin!

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Socialfix knows that the social media elements of building a successful brand are like a swirling storm threatening on the horizon. Darcy Gaetcher knows a bit about storms as well, having just become the first woman in history to kayak the 4,000 plus miles of the Amazon River in a single, 148-day trip. Through dedication, an idea first scribbled on a cocktail napkin was mapped into a well executed plan that eventually catapulted Darcy into the history books.

Just like Darcy, Socialfix knows the daily battle it takes to navigate the storm of brand building to keep your company moving forward, and by following the map below, you will be sure to get farther than you ever imagined possible.

It may not be the Amazon, but your brand needs a destination to begin the development process. Nike’s brand destination is to “Just Do It,” while T.G.I. Friday’s promises that “In here, it’s always Friday!”
This is not just a clever statement, but also a promise of what will be delivered and experienced when a customer chooses your company or product so, it is important to maintain the following standards:
Honesty: Promise only what your brand can successfully deliver.
Inspiration: Your brand should inspire and improve both the lives of your customers and the world around them.
Concision: There is a reason companies find a way to get their point across in five words or less. Make sure your brand destination can do the same.
Just like the Amazon, you must map your brand’s destination with landmarks to keep you on track. Keep your eye on these four:
Trust: Ensure that your brand delivers the product or experience that is consistent with your brand destination’s promise.

Remarkability: Find ways to do things better than the competition, such as free shipping or a better warranty.

Unmistakability: Make your brand unmistakable by setting yourself apart from the rest.

Irreplaceability: Establish an emotional connection between your brand and customers so that they perceive it as irreplaceable.

Just as the Amazon was carefully navigated, a brand is built with each positive interaction with your customers, and hindered by each negative interaction. Keep your brand growing by always delivering results consistent with what you have promised. These are your key elements:

Employees: Representing your brand daily, they should know what it stands for and why your customers love it.

Messaging: Your customers must experience a consistent brand message from the beginning to the end.

Technology: keep your software content and interactions with customers consistent.

The Amazon often forced Gaechter’s team to re-assess and adjust their plan. Continuously monitor your brand and make necessary adjustments as needed by keeping your eyes on the following:

Customers: Social media is a great advantage to monitor interaction between customer and brand.

Stakeholders: What are those who work for, with, or sell your brand saying about it?

Competition: What differentiates your brand from the rest?

Website: Is your website up to date, accurate, and turning visitors into leads?

Messaging: Keep your brand message consistent across website, social media, and email.

Just like the Amazon River, Socialfix is here to help you navigate the storm of building a successful brand. Along your journey, remember to follow the guidelines above, and you will find your branding adventure an unparalleled success!

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