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How Marketers Can Prepare for AI-Based Virtual Assistants

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Alexa and Siri are just the beginning. Not too far in the digital future virtual assistant (VA) technology is going to be interwoven into our lives. Are marketers preparing for it?

Not only in social channels but e-commerce, websites, smart cities, and maybe even in your brain (via brain-brain interfaces) will virtual assistants remake the digital world. Imagine chatbots taking three dimensions and popping holographically off the screen and floating holographic city guides escorting tourists throughout smart cities. Even closer to our pockets, holographic smartphone technology will facilitate this UX magic right from users’ hands. 

What’s the future of VAs, and how can marketers leverage them for companies? Read our article, “How Marketers Can Prepare for AI-Based Virtual Assistants,” to take the first steps in understanding how to leverage this forthcoming avant-garde technology that will change the martech landscape and life in general.

Check out the article on Forbes.

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