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Socialfix debuts at CES 2019

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Every year, tech innovators, pioneers and disruptors convene in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). CES is the leading gathering place for all those who are in the business of consumer technologies and for the past 50 years it has served up the best in emerging and cutting-edge gadgets.

For four days, top industry professionals, inventors, journalists, bloggers and more filled a 2.7 million net square foot venue in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over the course of the conference the total number of exhibitors reached around 4,500 and foot-traffic was around 180,000.

This year Socialfix sent three of their very own to take on the CES crowd and flew them out to Las Vegas to attend the 2019 conference. Terry Tateossian, our Founder, Leah Nau, our Strategic Accounts Director and Marion Tateossian, our Director of Accounts spent four days surrounded by over 1,000 exciting innovations ranging from virtual reality headsets to smartwatches that can interface with your car to tell it how stressed out you are. From the expected to the very unexpected (Including a talking toilet), there was plenty of new gadgets to explore.  

The most important takeaway from the conference was that, as a business, we are prepared to integrate technology into our processes and we are prepared to help our clients do the same.“Every business must now embrace technology to succeed” mentioned by Karen Chupka, CES Executive Vice President in her State of the Industry Address during the conference. Having attended CES, Socialfix is better prepared for what tech trends are in store for the next year.

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