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NAPTE 2019: Content Creation’s Future Impact

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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The National Association of Television Program Executives, or NAPTE is the quintessential member organization for content producers, distributors and buyers across all platforms. For more than 50 years, the organization has been bringing together members and content producers to influence the future of the content industry. For the first time, Socialfix attended NAPTE’s annual conference in Miami alongside thousands of industry influencers, executives, producers and advertisers.

This year’s conference focused on content creation’s future impact and confronted topics such as challenges that linear programming is facing in a fast-changing TV landscape, as well as sessions with an international focus and multiple showcases featuring top brands utilizing new advertising strategies to boost revenue.

Some of the highlights from this years programming included panels, “How Wall St. Watches Television” and “Hollywood Dealmakers” where audiences engage with a panel of industry leaders. Also featured was a one-on-one talks about the future of distribution from Distribution President of Twentieth Century Fox Television, Mark Kanar and President of Turner International, Gerhard Zeiler. All programming offered industry insights what was in store for the future of content, and how they were working more collaboratively with all facets of content production and distribution.

Ultimately, the conference focused on the value of storytelling, and how to engage audiences with compelling content that harnesses the new distribution channels. As content creation plays a more crucial role in an ever increasing digital world we live in today, gathering at NAPTE provides the industry insight we need as an agency to stay competitive with larger content producers across the country.  

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