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How Socialfix Does Social Media Marketing

While content is King in social media, audience engagement is certainly its Queen.  Our social media campaigns are formulated to balance 4 key ingredients we believe are crucial for any product or service based business. Here are some action points we want to attack in each calendar month:

1 Inform –  A first goal of any balanced social program is to provide “valuable” information of all things related to your field.

2 Build –  It doesn’t matter how informative you are if nobody is listening, so building a base of fans is an absolute necessity in every month’s programming. Of course you also want to create your fan base with people who are in or around your target audience.

3 Involve – Whether it’s through public service announcements or philanthropic initiatives, the importance of softening your business image in social cannot be stressed enough.

4 Engage – When you have built a good base of loyal and loving fans, it is finally time to make the experience interactive.  Discount offers are great, but you want to go even further by having contests and giveaways – things that take the experience beyond the first level fans to include their friends and so on. Basically, it’s not about you, it’s about them.