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How Animated Videos Could Be Successfully Integrated into Your Digital Marketing

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Think animated videos are too childish to be part of your digital marketing strategy? Think again – that’s exactly why many brands have started using them.

There’s no business that’s too serious or too abstract to put its customer message into an animated video script. On the contrary, it’s the companies that operate in small niches and offer hard to explain and complex products and services that choose to invest into animated videos. Here are a few reasons why.

1. They can help you explain intricate subjects to your audience

Using visuals to outline a complicated concept is a great way to avoid confusion and possible misunderstandings. For instance, data-packed messages you wish to convey will be much better perceived by people if presented in the shape of well-organized infographics. Take it a step further and allow yourself to share more info via a great simple-to-understand and delightful-to-watch animated video.

Difficult terminology, industry-specific knowledge and ideas – they all could turn off your target audience. The only thing you can do to avoid losing your target customers’ interest is to try to entertain them while educating them.

2. They can help you amuse your audience

Walt Disney was pretty clear on this one:

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”

Whether you go for a short video to post on social media or for a full explainer video, animation offers you the opportunity to pack your content with a fine sense of humor and creativity. Animated videos touch on our kid’s side and often achieve greater impact than alternative content formats.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to attract more leads by simply offering your target customers an opportunity to have fun.

3. They can help you build trust with your audience

By entertaining your audience you’re shortening the distance between your brand and your customers. It’s an effective way to build a relationship based on trust – trust that’s otherwise created through consistent interactions, persuasion and diligence.

4. They can can help you increase your conversions

Once you’ve managed to educate, entertain and build a trustful relationship with your audience, there’s no one who can stop those sales from piling up. If you’re nurturing a happy audience you’re to reap the rewarding fruits of your labor.

Consider adding an animation on your landing pages to boost sales and to help your target audience make their way down the sales funnel.

5. They can can help you boost brand awareness

Animated videos often have a virality aspect as it comes to their distribution and sharing online. The properly selected mix of music, voice, sound and visual effects, appealing characters and storyline could do miracles in terms of customer persuasion to make a purchase.

The higher the quality of your animation video project, the greater impact and popularity the video, and thus your brand, will enjoy.

What are the different types of animated videos that you can create?

If you’re wondering where to start when drafting your animation video project, here are the most essential options you have to choose from:

Animated explainer videos

These short and to-the point animated videos are aimed at introducing your brand, product and/or services to your audience. Usually they’re about a couple of minutes long and often appeal to one’s emotions, and thus tend to trigger customer engagement.

Whiteboard animation videos

The centerpiece of whiteboard animation videos is their ability to tell stories. Looking at a hand creating life characters and settings can be addictive. Whether you choose a whiteboard animation as you digital ad, new product introduction, interesting trivia to offer to your target audience in an attempt to build your brand awareness, you’re doing the right thing. Let the moving pictures inspire your audience and create positive predisposition towards your brand.

Animated commercials

Animated commercials have a serious advantage over the standard ad formats for they grab your audience’s attention, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind that animated commercials could be much cheaper than a regular photo-shoot. With animation you could set your ad action in Paris, Japan or Australia without having to bear the costs of such a journey. You can ‘hire’ crowds and amazingly looking ‘actors’ at no additional cost. Furthermore you can tell your video ‘stars’ what to do and be 100% certain that they’ll ‘perform’ as told. Sounds great, right: a project that offers you full control and is cost efficient, why wait at all!

Stop motion animation videos

These animated videos make it possible to follow up on a long timeline of events. You can easily manipulate time and present the full story to make your point or to create the ‘wow’ effect on your audience.

Stop motion animation videos require great work and dedication, but at the end the efforts are always worthy. It really shows that you’ve gone an extra mile to produce such content and your audience will appreciate it.

A mix of animation and live motion

This format offers the best of both worlds: real life and drawings, you can take your audience on a journey to a dream-like universe. This type of animation is perfect for illustrating thoughts, aspirations, dreams, hopes and even memories, and can leave a strong impact on viewers.

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