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SocialFix Top Picks from CES 2014

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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SocialFix Top Picks from CES 2014

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show offers a glimpse into the future for small business owners who will be able to achieve more in less time thanks to some amazing new products hitting the market later this year. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of elegant, curved ultra high definition TV screens and driverless cars, but when choosing our top picks from CES 2014 we were most excited by those products with the potential to change the way we work.

The following are our top picks from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.


The new Pebble Steel takes the smartwatch to a new level with its sleeker, slimmer profile, 5-7 day battery life, daylight readable display, and Corning Gorilla Glass watch face cover. The Pebble is safe to 5ATM, so it will fit an active lifestyle and can even handle getting caught in the rain.

The best news to arrive with the new Pebble design is the opening of the Pebble app store later this month making it easier to find the apps that make the watch worth owning. You can preorder the Pebble Steel for $249.

Portable Energy and Storage Devices

It is hard to do business on your cell phone while tethered to the chair next to an electrical outlet. Business travelers everywhere will welcome the influx of portable devices that will allow them to work longer and store more data.

Standing out from the crowd:

  • Mophie Space Pack – The Space Pack allows you to fully recharge the iPhone 5/5s to 100% power, as well as offering either 16GB or 32GB of additional storage. The Space Pack costs $149.95 for the 16GB version and $179.95 for the 32GB version.
  • Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger for Apple or Android devices – The Phonesuit Flex for iPhone 5/5c/5s or Android phones is slightly larger than your thumb yet allows you up to recharge up to 100% of your phone’s battery capacity and still have power left over. The Flex charger is $69.95 for Apple devices and $59.95 for Android devices.
  • AR for Her Zipstick – Voxx is bringing high fashion to high tech products with the AR for Her line of speakers, cords, and charging devices. The Zipstick is offered in a number of finishes and resembles a tube of lipstick. Packed in the tiny case is a powerful charging device, flashlight, and 110dB personal emergency alarm. The Zipstick will be available spring 2014 and will cost $34.99.

Office Equipment

Two products stood head-and-shoulders above the rest in this category and any business that relies on prototypes and models as part of their production process should see this step cost less and take much less time. The following two machines stood out:

Virtual Reality

One of the products creating the most buzz at CES 2014 was the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove virtual reality headset. Looking into the future this device could provide anything from product demonstrations and home tours to simulated training for employees.

After the Work Day has Come to a Close

A busy day at the office calls for an entertaining evening and a sound night’s sleep. Companies displaying their wares at CES did not disappoint in either of these categories.

The curved screen from LG and the bendable screen from Samsung may offer a more immersive viewing experience, but these sets will carry a huge price tag if they make it to market. Coming out later this year, the 4K TV by Vizio offers a sleek design and a stunning ultra high definition picture. A set with a 50 inch screen will run $999, signaling that Vizio will continue to innovate while keeping purchase prices affordable.

Once the evening’s entertainment is over you can snuggle up in the $8000 Sleep Number bed that offers the perfect night’s sleep, or if the thought of spending that much on a bed would keep you up at night; you can opt for the Withings Aura sleep monitoring system. Either way, you wake up rested and ready to be the first in the office to play with that new 3D printer.

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