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NYC Network Group Has 3rd Annual Finance Expo

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Hundreds of professionals gathered together to share their knowledge and experience last Wednesday at the third annual NYC Finance Expo. The expo is the only one in New York that focuses solely on the areas of banking, finance, and real estate. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to learn more about their fields from experienced and accomplished professionals, while providing excellent networking opportunities. Founders and CEO’s from companies involved in areas like mortgaging, accounting and even social media all gathered at  the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New York City to share their knowledge. Some of the speaker’s included Ann Kayman, CEO of the New York Grant Company, David Hansel, President of Alpha Funding Solutions, and Terry Tateossian, founder and lead technical engineer of Socialfix Media. The expo is a great place for businesses and exhibitors wishing to expand their brand. Not only did the panelists discuss in depth knowledge of their field, but covered many upcoming trends foreseen in the markets.

Among many of the presenters and exhibitors of the expo was Socialfix Media, which hosted their own networking and social media room. Terry Tateossian, the founder and lead technical engineer of Socialfix, gave presentations about how to best use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to represent their business. There was also a presentation about how to use video marketing to get clients, by Socialfix’s CMO and lead digital strategist Ken Krysinksi. The panel also included presentations from other professionals such as Deena Baikowitz, the Chief Networking Officer of Fireball Network who gave a workshop on networking skills andJulie Duquet, a design consultant from Nomadic Display that gave a presentation on the essentials of branding.

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