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Large Companies Missing the Social Advertising Train

Many large companies are still trying to effectively make use of strategic social advertising strategies.

Social media is a strong force in society today. It seems nearly everyone has a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site. Yet we still see many large companies that are not taking advantage of all that social media has to offer. Social advertising is one of the most important and successful forms of advertising used today, and it is often times overlooked.  According to a study done by Socialbakers, 14% of companies with over 5,000 employees don’t have a social advertising budget and only 10% don’t have more than a $1,000 budget. (Guglielmelli). Most younger companies understand the importance of social advertising, however they are still unsure of the most effective way to use it. When asked about the effectiveness of ad placements on Facebook most companies agreed that newsfeed ads were the best, but could not distinguish between ads on desktop computers and ads on mobile devices. Carly Guglielmelli of Socialbakers states “…marketers are still evolving and learning to fully leverage improved ad targeting provided by leading social networks. The majority have yet to discover the benefit of creating mobile specific content and CTAs.”

These large companies are also slow to advertise across multiple social media platforms. According to Socialbakers study 92% of the companies used Facebook while only 35% use YouTube and only around 23% use LinkedIn and Twitter.(Guglielmelli). Unsurprisingly, Facebook  is the most widely used out of all the social networking sites out there. Granting it the number one place for companies to try their hand at social advertising. Twitter is also a great platform for social advertising, but requires more attention and maintenance. The study also shows that about 65% of large companies outsource their social advertising functions and mainly only keep them in-house after post-boosting. These large companies are inexperienced to this new type of advertising but overtime they will most likely gain a stronger presence and start reaping all the benefits that social advertising has to offer.


by Kathleen