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Is Wearable Technology A Blessing Or A Burden

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Can society adapt to this new kind of technology

The trend of wearable technology is still very new, but it has already come under attack. The new Google Glasses allow people to take pictures and recordings wherever they are and it can all be controlled through voice. Some are concerned about the security risks and invasion of privacy this can create. John F. O’Rourke and Patrick Soon of Inside Council state “Ours is soon to become a culture of cameras where citizens will be constantly surrounded by devices that can record at the blink of an eye … literally!” With so many people able to record without even moving it is difficult to know who is watching. Even with the issues this new technology brings it can still provide a great benefit to people. The physically impaired who may have difficulty moving their arms can now have access to the internet and better interact with their surroundings by taking pictures and videos. All of this can be done without moving, providing these people with a better sense of confidence and independence. This type of hands free technology can also be extremely beneficial to emergency response teams. Effortlessly, they are given the ability to view maps and routes to their destination as well as quickly send information to other team members. All of this can be accomplished while using their hands for other important tasks. “Such improved communication will improve firefighter safety, and it may help save lives. Paramedics, for example, will be able to show a doctor in a distant emergency room the extent of a victim’s lacerations, burns or bullet wounds.” (O’Rourke, Soon).

Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives. According to Steve Mann of the MIT Technology Review “These devices are not simply pieces of clothing or a variation on conventional eye wear. They have profound effects on how we see, understand, and remember the world.” Times are changing and although this technology may seem scary to some it has to many benefits to be ignored.  Like most new cutting edge technology on the market there are always security measures to consider, but there are often protocols and safety measures that can be put in place without hindering the growth of this new technology. Society has adapted to large technological changes before, and we will be able to do so again.

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