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Why Change is Good: Bipartisanship in the Work Place

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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With today being Election Day, and what might seem to be the end of a very long and exhausting election cycle, some of us might feel relief tomorrow morning when we turn on the news. However, the election only marks the beginning of opposing sides creating solutions to our country’s problems by working across the aisles. How can two completely different points of view ever arrive at a common and effective answer?

Here at Socialfix Media, we embrace the notion of working across our aisles. Our departments work separately, divided by walls, doors and job functions. It is the fact that we all work from different points of view that benefit our clients and company. The efficiency mission of the accounts team mixes with the creative input of the video and graphic design team, along with the strategic vision of the sales and leadership teams.

This co-mingling allows us to take very different views on our work and bring them together in a best-of-solution. All members of our company sit in on project review meetings to explore what ideas everyone might have to bring to a new or existing clients. We often hear about the success of companies and products created from within the ranks of the internal staff such as 3M’s creation of the Post-It Note.

A scientist charged with creating a stronger adhesive created one with the exact opposite properties and had the sense to share it up the channel of product development, becoming one of the staple products of the company.

That isn’t the only type of bipartisanship that we see as an advantage to business. As a non-vertical specific company, we have seen the benefits of not working within many industries. We can translate results clients in one industry to clients in a completely different one.

We may see something work well in the financial industry that we can use in manufacturing. When you get stuck in one lane of thinking, the solutions to growth become narrow. This is what we believe makes us a unique agency, our ability to notice great results and crossing boundaries to bring change across lines otherwise not crossed.

Perhaps this election will not turn out in a way that you were hoping and maybe it will. But know that if you bring the lessons of unity to your office, the results can be revolutionary.

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