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A High Google Rank Isn’t Everything

The most important thing for a website to have is quality content

With millions of websites on the internet there is a lot of competition for viewers. Most are fighting tooth and nail for a high ranking from Google in order to gain more exposure to their site. Many sites mistakenly believe that tailoring their content for a higher ranking or trying to gain favor with Google will help them out, however this is not always true. In order to receive a high ranking a site should actually not even focus on their ranking at all. Instead they should simply try to be the best site they can be and provide the best experience for the target audience. According to Camille McClane of iMEDIACONNECTION “Essentially, those who aren’t providing anything of real value or any kind of useful information are going to have a harder time getting ranked high (or at all) than those who are trying to provide high-quality content.” Google is looking for the best quality sites and so the quality of content should be the focus.

 iMEDIACONNECTION also has tips on how a website can improve its ranking and get a better shot at being noticed through Google other than just focusing on content.  A strong marketing strategy is one of the best ways to attract users to your site.  This begins with understanding your audience, and marketing yourself to their wants and needs. The most successful websites are incredibly user friendly. Clean and well structured sites are appealing to customers, and should be fun and stress free to navigate. In this day in age we all suffer from having a short attention span and if your user cant navigate their way through your site, they will move on. And trust me, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other sites just like yours out there.

One of the most important aspects of websites today is the platform access. Everyone is searching the internet on their cell phones, and if your site is not smart phone or Ipad compatible then chances are you are missing out on a significant group of individuals.  Not only should a website be neat and simple for users, but overall it should contain quality content. Focus on being the best and earning a high ranking based on your performance not on getting a high ranking to make it better.