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We’re Back At It Again with NYC SHRM!

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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2019 marks the second year that Socialfix Media has partnered with NYC SHRM, (New York City Society for Human Resource Management) for New York City’s leading, one-day Human Resource conference. NYC SHRM’s mission is to connect professional human resource practitioners, businesses, educators and students through networking events, educational seminars and programs throughout the year. The Annual NYC SHRM Conference is one of the most anticipated and sought after events hosted by the organization.

The conference consisted of six breakout sessions, broken up by three keynote speakers. Topics covered a variety of subjects trending in HR such as recruiting in the age of Google, the “Modern Elder” movement, and overcoming unconscious bias in the workplace. The conference once again ended with a networking cocktail reception that punctuated the day with a friendly gathering of HR professionals in all varying degrees of their field.

As media sponsors we exhibited in the HR Solutions Gallery and hosted a social media lounge, where attendees took photos and posted them to social media. Throughout the day of the conference we captured conference attendees, exhibitors, panelists and speakers on camera to document the conference and string together an event video to use to promote future conferences.

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