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Socialfix Makes the Clutch 1000, Features New Martech in Forbes, and Launches New Amplified3 Podcasts

The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

Written by The Socialfix Kickass Content Team

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Socialfix Media has been working hard into the new year to bring you some winning news and content. Clutch has awarded Socialfix with Top 1000 best global B2B service providers in 2019; Founder, Terry Tateossian, is publishing some fascinating Forbes articles about cutting-edge technologies in the martech space; and, the media company just released four new episodes with preeminent guests on the Amplified3 podcast.

Clutch 1000 award

Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, published its second annual ranking of the 1000 best B2B service providers from 35 countries and 374 cities around the world. Winners were selected by analyzing companies’ quality and quantity of client reviews, offered services, portfolio of clients, brand reputation, and visibility in their target market. Socialfix Media came in strong on the 2019 list. Socialfix is honored and would like to thank their clients and Clutch for the recognition.

Forbes publications

Can high EQ robots save the world? What can we expect in the emerging world of virtual assistants? How will blockchain change the martech ecosystem? What’s the best crowdfunding strategy for startups? If you’ve ever been interested in these topics and questions or are just starting to become intrigued, check out Socialfix Founder Terry Tateossian’s latest Forbes articles. In each piece, Tateossian reaches to the furthest points of emerging tech to bring you fresh and inspiring martech content that will surely change the way marketers see and work within the rapidly evolving martech space.

Amplified3 podcast releases

Socialfix recently launched a new batch of podcasts featuring some of tech’s industry leaders on Amplified3. Trailblazer of branding to video, Brett Garfinkel talks about the phenomenon of digital influencer marketing and how companies can filter the fake from the valid. Serial entrepreneur and pioneer of the internet, Miko Matsumura talks startups and crypto. Director of Technology, Mobile & Emerging Platforms at Discover, Tim McElreath gives a peek into the new wave of multimodal devices that are changing the face of digital TV. And entrepreneur, Arjun Rai talks about the trials and tribulations along the fruitful yet bumpy road of start-up life. Check out the episodes on Amplified3, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Amplified3 delivers essential audio storytelling for the tech space.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news and content from Socialfix Media and Amplified3.

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