4. Stopped Overthinking 

My natural state of being is to want everything to be perfect before taking the first step. Looking back, I actually don’t wish I did something in particular; I wish I did less. While I do think that preparation is essential, I also think that at some point you can overdo it. It’s so easy to overthink and let decision paralysis take hold. If you are a person who doesn’t embrace perfection and can dive right in without having everything figured out (lucky you), then networking and finding a mentor would be a fabulous and productive use of your time. In fact, I think the best thing that came from my education is my built-in network. You start to realize that it’s not the old establishment who is going to be presenting you with exciting opportunities, but rather your peers. – Chelsea RiveraHonest Paws

5. Networked More 

I wish I had taken more time to build connections and network with other professionals before fully diving into starting a business. I think I could’ve learned more before I decided to take the plunge and go forward because there are always people to learn and grow from. If I had taken more time to speak to more entrepreneurs and business owners about their processes, failures, achievements and tips, I could have taken those into account. A lot of people’s success comes not from experience, but from who they know. I think the start of my entrepreneurship would’ve been smoother if I had had more of those connections. – Stephanie WellsFormidable Forms

6. Asked Myself About Long-Term Goals 

I was excited to start my business right out of college, and I jumped on the first idea that came to me without really thinking about my long-term goals. I ended up spending a few years building a business that wasn’t aligned with where I could see myself in the next decade. This was mostly because the focus of my business was trendy and my passion for the topic eventually waned. Can you see yourself doing this as your life’s work for decades to come? If I had asked myself that question, I might have been able to avoid building something that I’d need to pivot from and almost having to start from scratch again later. – Nathalie LussierAccessAlly

7. Focused On The Three Pillars 

I wish I had sought stronger mentorships, stronger partnerships and better funding. These three pillars accelerate business much quicker than bootstrapping. – Terry TateossianSocialfix Media

8. Discovered My True Values 

Entrepreneurship has a way of testing even the strongest women I know. I’ve found the best way to help with indecision and getting unstuck is to refer back to my values, using a process rooted in neuroscience. When you discover the deepest level of your why and how your brain categorizes and prioritizes information, you will have more confidence and a more proactive disposition. – Klyn ElsburyMK Foundation