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Chuck Pettid: Crowdfunding, Fundraising, Crypto, Start-Ups

Arjun Rai: Emoji Data, Data Science, The Entrepreneurial Journey, Start-Up Life, AI, Investing

Tim McElreath: Voice Technology, Multi-Modal Devices & The Future of Linear Programming

Miko Matsumura: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Open Source, VC, Silicon Valley

Brett Garfinkel: Bots, Fake Influencers, Influencer Marketing, Fraud Detection, Brand Watch, Branding

Dan Garraway: Video & Computer Vision Technology, Machine Learning, AI, Video, TV

Michael Donahue: Martech Evolution, Brand Loyalty, Big Data, VR/AR/MR, Customer Relationship Management

Michelle Tenzyk: Uber, Lyft and Self-Driving Cars, Facebook Diversity, Amazon’s AI & Robotics, Gig Economy, Future of Work

Dr. Sean Stein Smith: Blockchain, Facebook’s Libra, Crypto, Challenger Banks, Fintech