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Did you know effective content marketing is 40% less expensive per acquisition than paid search.

If businesses across the US are set to spend over 17 billion dollars on social media in 2019, why do only 34% of them feel like their business outcomes can be directly related to social media efforts?

If you are part of the 66% who feel social has let you down, here are a few reasons this might be happening to your company:

  • You are not deploying the right content strategy to directly cause business outcomes but are building brand awareness.
  • You may have good content but are not attracting  the audience that leads to conversions in their paid campaigns to drive followers or not running any paid campaigns at all.
  • You have no way of tracking social campaign traffic through analytics and consequently have no idea who is converting to business.
  • Your business relies on reaching a very finite group of decision makers and broad based social strategy is just not reaching the right people.

We take a comprehensive look at your business before beginning any social strategy deployment.  The first thing we want to understand is who you are and who your stakeholder audience is.  Where do they live and how do they communicate.  We then look at your broad goals in terms of conversion vs branding.  Next we align a content strategy to your target audience. We than look at your analytics to make sure once the strategy is employed, we have the ability to track visits, calls, and conversions.  And finally we determine what your outcome goals are and assign a recommended budget to them.

In the end, whether you are considering the cost of building a loyal brand audience or seek conversions for revenue, it is always about the money!


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Building a social media presence is about building a community. With the right content, the right partnerships, and diligent engagement management, we’ll help you do just that.

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