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Real Relationships Start with PR & Social Influencer Marketing. 6 to 1 return rate was a recent industry benchmark when using influencers to build your brand.

We are disconnected!

We can’t get our heads out of our phones!

We are losing our ability to talk to and relate to people! 

If you want to grow your brand and sales of consumer products, services and technologies, there is no doubt you will want to invest in influencers.   We manage prospect lists, negotiate rewards and track results from each influencer campaign we run to make sure you are getting the most out of your influencer budgets.

Much has been made of the disconnection between people since the advent of smart technology, yet consumers approach to buying could not be more social.   In fact they are far more likely to make purchase decisions on the recommendation of anyone other than the company selling the product or service themselves.   They have been trained to distrust push marketing and put their confidence in those who seem to have authority on subject matter rather than loyalty to a corporation.

Neutral publications and social influencers are the backdrop for the hottest trend in consumer behavior.   Consumers are ravenous for content related to their interests and 30% more likely to buy based on the endorsement of a non celebrity.   This puts microinfluencer and PR campaigns at the sweet spot of content driven buying decisions.

Socialfix will help you curate targeted strategies for PR and influencer marketing. We manage every aspect of content creation, press release outlet selection, influencer outreach and negotiation of rate and terms.  We would love to chat with you and show you how this marketing megaphone can drive the best ROI for you marketing dollar.


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Building a social media presence is about building a community. With the right content, the right partnerships, and diligent engagement management, we’ll help you do just that.

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