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GDPR Compliance

Data Protection. Privacy Compliance.

We can help you become GDPR compliant if you process any personal data that may be collected from people living in the EU or if you are collecting data in the EU. Here are some basics:

Data can no longer be stored in publicly accessible spreadsheets or other unprotected documents.

Data can no longer be captured without explicit permission from users.

Data can no longer be captured without a detailed description of what it will be used for.

Users must have an easy way to withdraw consent and have their data erased.

Organizations must have clear processes in place to detect, report, and investigate data breaches.

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What’s Involved in Making my Website GDPR Compliant?

Below are some of the steps in our compliance process:

SSL Certificate

Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

Pseudonymization / Anonymization

Option to Opt-Out

No Defaults

Privacy Shield-Compliance

Third Party GDPR Compliance

Data Protection Officer

Data Breach Procedure

IP Address Tracking Message to Users

Terms & Conditions