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Toyota World of Clinton

  • Toyota World of Clinton is a premier auto dealership with years of experience offering customers the perfect fit for their needs. Always dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations at every turn, we were thrilled with the results delivered to Toyota World of Clinton.

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We Went Places

With new management and a brand new website on the horizon, Toyota World of Clinton looked to generate a buzz for their Grand Re-Opening. Luckily, our SEM gurus had the formula, firing on all cylinders to create massive traction at launch.


After a 10 day ramp up period putting our Paid Search strategies to the test, we found our winning formula. The latter half of launch month captured nearly 40,000 impressions, 1600 clicks through to Toyota Clinton’s website, and most importantly conversions. To top it all off, we came in at nearly half the target CPA – #WINNING!

The Organic Search strategy complemented Paid Search perfectly, bringing in an additional 2,300 users of qualified traffic in the latter half of launch month.