Non-Profit, Real Estate Professionals Networking for a Cure, was founded by Mike Cave, CEO of 1st Equity Title & Closing Services, after losing his beloved aunt to breast cancer. PinkTie realized that those in the real estate community could be doing a lot more to help put an end to this insidious disease, which is disproportionately prevalent in the country. After the success of their first two annual events, they have decided to launch a new initiative, PinkTie1000. PinkTie1000 is a 100% pass through organization, with the mission to compel 1,000 professionals to commit to contributing $100/quarter ($400 per year). In turn, PinkTie will collectively cut a $100,000 check benefit various causes that impact our community. and PinkTie1000’s core mission is to benefit local organizations, nationwide, in the communities that we serve, which are predominately volunteer, with zero-to-minimal overhead costs and administrative fees. This allows PinkTie to make the most direct impact in the community. Their vision is to find creative ways to bring a vast real estate network together, in support of education and research to find a cure for causes including (but not limited to): breast cancer, autism, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Socialfix attended PinkTie’s second annual event and the pleasure of documenting the entire experience. It was a night of remembrance for those who have fallen to these horrible disease as well as a night of celebration for the efforts of the PinkTie organization.

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