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Not Your Average Interview Techniques

Job seekers may be facing new kinds of tests in their interviews

Some managers are starting to change the way they interview potential employees. Instead of just asking basic questions about a persons background or skill sets, interviewers are using techniques that seemingly have nothing to do with the job in question but can still tell a lot about a person. Managers want to know how well a person can work on a team or what kind of attitude they will have. These questions can’t be answered using traditional methods. One manager, David Cancel of HubSpot, uses a test where he leaves a cup on the table after the interview. If the candidate throws away the cup then they pass the test. The method may seem strange and unfair but according to Cancel “I’ve tested it over 100 times at this point, and it has always turned out to be pretty accurate for me”. Cancel also tries to find out what a person is passionate about. He gets the candidate to talk about something they love and then see if they have the same kind of reactions and expressions about topics related to the job.

These are not the only tests that managers are using in job interviews to gauge their potential employees. One manager leaves his door slightly open to see if the candidate will be assertive and enter on their own. Another spends most of the interview seeing what kind of questions their candidate asks. These kinds of tests are unexpected and don’t even seem like tests at all. This gives them the ability to bring out real reactions and tendencies that people would normally hide if they knew they were being examined. It allows for the finding of people with what Cancels company calls “HEART”. People who are humble, effective, adaptable, remarkable, and transparent.