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One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

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Who would think the saying: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” could be the

impetus for a burgeoning business model?

“Recommerce”, or the reselling of once used merchandise through informal or organized online distribution channels has been the answer to that question for quite some time.

This type of business model has actually existed informally for a long time before the Dot Com burst of the ‘90’s, however it was that era that helped propel this business model into the digital and connected world at the time. To that effect, we saw the creation of online multi-vendor platforms such as eBay and craigslist where private users were empowered to resell their “junk” to any viable bidder with an internet connection.

Since then, companies have been built and have since thrived utilizing the recommerce business model. In the early 2000’s technology retailers were offering professional buyback or trade-in programs. Consumers would be able to trade in an old electronic device  as a means to put credit towards another purchase of a newer device of the same category. Similar to trading in a car, more companies were implementing this credit program to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. Soon after, online stores, like Gazelle or NextWorth, popped up, taking a similar idea, but cashing out the sellers, and reselling goods for their own profit.

For the clothing and apparel sector, the implications of the recommerce business model have been especially lucrative. As of now, the secondhand retail apparel industry is worth about $20 billion dollars. Apparel recommerce brands have been benefiting from a consumer trend to shop sustainably, and now leading clothing brands are noticing the same trend.

These clothing brands are tapping into secondary markets, to reap the benefits of their apparel being resold on the third-party recommerce sites. As a result, some of the leading recommerce platforms have developed new programs to partner with these brand companies as a initiative to mutually benefit from the consumer base of both sectors.

There are four online Recommerce platforms responsible for revolutionizing the way the industry works: thredUp, Yerdle Recommerce and The Renewal Workshop. Each of which, have implemented new ways to partner with brand companies, and generate lasting and effective programs to increase sales for both recommerce platforms and brand apparel companies.   

thredUP’s Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have proven to be good for business, and in this case good for the environment. thredUP, one of the biggest Recommerce companies on the web has implemented a loyalty program that gives consumer sellers the option to get paid out with a additional 15% if they opt into receiving a gift card in the brand seller’s name. This type of partnership is especially lucrative because customer loyalty brings in more sales over a longer period of time. There isn’t quite a better return on gifting a little extra to bring in a customer that lasts a lifetime.

Yerdle Commerce’s White-Label Service

Yerdle Commerce has put in place a “white-label service” for apparel retailers where these retailers can manage their own recommerce stores through the Yerdle-owned platform. This tactic empowers brand name retailers to use the Yerdle platform, while seemingly acting independent but reaping the benefits of Yerdle (one being used-clothing repair). Yerdle understands that certain consumers might have a taste for brand name apparel but without the means to afford it. While the platform itself is generating sales and promoting their mission secretly, brand name apparel companies are generating sales in a market where they would not have originally  thought they could tap into.

The Renewal Workshop’s Revenue Sharing Agreement

For stores like The Renewal Workshop, they offer a revenue sharing agreement with brand retailers that use their services and platform. The Renewal Workshop is a little different then Yerdle Commerce, in that while providing services to repair, clean and conduct quality assurance they allow retailers to either sell on the Renewal Workshop platform online or resell items in the Brick and Mortar location. Apparel brands first pay a “processing fee” and are free to choose how to sell the goods. (As a bonus, The Renewal Workshop provides ways for apparel companies to make clothing more durable, thus promoting their sustainability mission.) Although brand name’s aren’t positioned as the direct seller such as with Yerdle Commerce, the partnership still provides exposure to consumers looking to buy high-end fashion in an affordable way, where brand name’s still gain a profit.  

As these partnerships continue to benefit from one another, both entities will see the impact such sales have on the larger consumer trend that is moving toward sustainable consumerism. Tapping into this market trend can effectively secure profitable goals for years to come, as environmental consciousness increases. Even without tapping into the environmental movement of today, there are still consumers looking to buy brands they can afford at full retail value. Bottom Line: Now is the time for brand apparel retailers to grow their business through the help of online recommerce platforms.


Socialfix Media Named to CEO Report’s 2018 Tri-State Corporate Culture Top 24 List

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If one were to take a walk around the Socialfix offices, it would be no wonder why they were included in CEO Report’s (formerly SmartCEO) list of the Top 24 companies in the Tri-State that exhibit exceptional corporate culture. The team is friendly and fun while maintaining a professionalism that consistently impresses both existing and prospective clients.

Last month, the Socialfix team was in attendance at NFL Experience in Times Square for CEO Report’s 2018 Tri-State Corporate Culture Awards Ceremony.

“We are really excited about receiving the Corporate Culture award for the second year in a row,” said Terry Tateossian, Founding Partner at Socialfix Media. “We have a very entrepreneurial vibe at Socialfix. We’re a homegrown agency where everyone is responsible for their own productivity, but still have a team to support them when they need it. The way I see it, if the team isn’t satisfied and fulfilled in their work, then the work will suffer, but if everyone shows up every day and has a sense of purpose then it’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

The CEO Report corporate culture awards program highlights businesses in the Tri-State area that foster a creative and collaborative culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. It’s important for business owners to cultivate and develop a corporate culture that both encourages productivity while making employees feel secure, supported, and valued.

Socialfix Media is a full-service digital marketing agency. Website design, video production, social media management, and graphic design are just a few of the services offered. Socialfix prides itself on being at the forefront of the new trends and technologies that are shaping the digital marketing world. Socialfix Media has offices in New York, New Jersey, and California.


Everyone’s a Winner at Socialfix Field Day

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Last month was Socialfix Media’s first annual field day. The team enjoyed a day filled with fun, food, and competition. Everyone was split into two groups (the White Team and Black Team) to compete in several events in the hopes of walking away victorious. The competition was fierce, but both sides came away as winners when the day was through.

That’s not to say that both sides won the competition, the victory was claimed by the Black Team in an epic comeback led by Socialfix founder Terry Tateossian. No, both sides came away as winners because despite the competitive spirit on the battlefield, there was plenty of laughs in between. Both teams were able to interact, learn more about one another, and enjoy each other’s company outside the workplace.

Team building is important for both large and small companies. It can help to increase productivity and decrease stress among employees. Nothing boosts morale like trying to escape a human knot or  tossings eggs at each other from several feet away. Each event took a solid sense of trust between employees to take the edge over the competition.

After the six events were complete (including Snake, Balloon Race, Egg Toss, Human Knot, Perfect Square, and ending with Steal the Bacon), the teams were tied, leading to a second round of Steal the Bacon that ultimately resulted in the Black Team’s victory. The events all focused on teamwork, requiring the teams to work and move as one in order to complete the given task.

The field day still encouraged people to emerge as leaders, communicate better, and get to know each other better in a relaxed environment. By the end of the day, the team was tired but left the park with wide smiles and a renewed vigor to return to the office the following day.  

Avoiding Pitfalls When Moving Offices

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Moving to a different location comes with a multitude of challenges and decisions to be made. If you know you are moving locations ahead of time, there are ways to plan ahead to make for a smooth transition. Here are some of the best ways to stay on top of what needs to be done and to keep yourself from going crazy!

  1. Know your move-in date: Make a date and stick to it! This will give you time to hire who you need to, give your employees notification, and set up any utilities so you are not without internet or phones for longer than you need to be. Nothing is worse than having to hire last minute professionals when they may not perform the optimum service.
  2. Decide on professional or DIY: Decide ahead of time if you are going to hire professional movers. Depending on the size of your office and if you can recruit help from employees will determine whether you should hire commercial movers or make it work on your own. Don’t hurt yourself to save a few bucks.
  3. Create an inventory list: Things get lost on a daily basis, so imagine what could go missing during a complete move. Create an inventory list and divvy it up by department. This ensures that you know what you already have and each department can be responsible for making sure it makes it through transport.
  4. Procure plenty of packing materials: You will need boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. to ensure your materials make it over in one piece. High-value electronics will need special attention as those are not items you want to find in tiny pieces upon arrival.
  5. Plan out your utilities: Be sure you understand how the utilities function at your new location. You’ll need to have these set up either before you arrive or immediately when you arrive. If you depend on internet or phone lines for your business to function, you need these setup and working to make sure you do not lose valuable time for your business.

There are many other nuances that go into the moving process. These are a few ideas to add to your checklist as you plan ahead or try and keep yourself together on a short-notice relocation.  Know that you can make it work, that there will be bumps along the way, but if you keep yourself level-headed and focused on the idea that moving locations is an amazing step on the journey of expanding your business.



4th Annual Event

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On May 9th Socialfix Media will be attending the 4th annual event sponsoring the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation. This event brings together professional organizations in order to raise funds for a worthy cause. was founded on the idea of supporting groups working towards a cure for a disease that affects a local community. These causes are 100% charitable organizations to ensure that all profits make a significant impact. The event has grown from 350 attendees in 2013 to 2000 attendees in 2015.
Socialfix is participating for its second year and providing the wrap-up video for the event. Non-profit organizations are an important way to give back. These events not only highlight the sponsored organization, but raise awareness about all the good that is being created from those want to dedicate their time and effort to making a difference. Socialfix has supported organizations like the and the National MS Society because they recognize that these groups are devoted to helping those around them. It is an honor to be involved as these events grow larger and make an impact on the people they support. has multiple sponsor packages that enables a range of business to take part. Non-profit organizations can only succeed with the help of those who want to see them succeed. Socialfix is proud to attend this event and encourages others to get involved in this remarkable opportunity.

Is Mobile SEO Taking Over

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How to respond to the new surge of mobile searching

Google has recently stated that by the end of the year, the amount of searches made on mobile devices will exceed those made on desktop computers. (Fishkin).  With this knowledge some business may be eager to try and enhance their mobile experience or be fearful if they have none at all. Before making any drastic changes these businesses should know that even though mobile searches are greatly increasing it does not mean the end of desktop searching.

One of the reasons that mobile searches are suddenly becoming much more popular is because new up and coming areas of the world are starting out mobile. All of these new users are coming into the market and instead of starting with desktops like many other areas did, they are immediately going to mobile devices. Another large group going straight to mobile devices are the younger generations. The great rise in mobile searches is coming from emerging groups and is not taking away from those who use desktop searching. If a businesses target audience is not in any these groups then they should not worry too much about this news from Google. However if a business does wish to improve its mobile SEO, has a few tips to help them.

“You want visitors who come via these channels, who come via mobile search, in particular, to want to come back later, and that means providing an experience, providing a brand experience, providing a message that’s really clear about what your company, product, information can offer them and why they should return in the future, why they should like you and trust you, why you’re a good site for them to check out in the future when they might have more of those transactional things, because chances are they’re not going to do them on that first mobile experience.” (Fishkin).

When a user first visits a mobile site they don’t actually make any purchases or do anything too in-depth. They get a feel for the site and its features and if they like what they experience they will return and go deeper. A mobile site that is fast, responsive, and provides a pleasant experience for the user, will give it a higher rating with Google. A common mistake that  sites make is forcing users to download apps or use overlays to advertise. Both of these things can be extremely obnoxious to viewers and will negatively impact their experience. The best thing a site can do for its SEO is make sure it provides its viewers with the best experience possible.

Does Social Media Hurt Relationships

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 Is communicating through social media as meaningful as communicating face-to-face

Valentine’s day is coming up and should be a time to celebrate close relationships or even make new ones. Social media has allowed people to form many great relationships and brought together those who would have otherwise never met, but it may have also caused relationships to become less intimate. With so many different ways to interact though texting or online, face-to-face contact has become a much less common practice. It is much easier to simply send messages back and forth than to coordinate and actual meet up. There is no need to even leave the house or pressure to look nice for a partner when all they will see are words. According to Margie Warrell of ForbesNothing can ever replace the good old fashioned in-person conversations — where we cannot hide behind our screens and devices — in building truly meaningful rewarding and sustaining genuine (and often less than picture perfect) relationships.” There is far more to a conversation than just words. Face-to-face a person can experience tone of voice and body language. They can really get a feel for the emotion of what the other person is saying. So much is left out when all a person gets to experience are words.

It is also easier to hide in social media. There is no awkward silence to force a quick response and no need to confront real issues. It’s hard to just leave from a person sitting right in front of you, but it is simple to avoid sending another message. The other person could still be hurt, but over the internet one can more easily pretend they are not since they don’t have to see it.  Spending so much time talking over social media also reduces our ability to have real in person conversations. “The time we spend socializing online not only discourages face-to-face communication, but it also undermines our confidence at engaging in real conversations with real people about the real problems and issues that thread through our lives.” (Warrell). It may be easier to have a conversation over social media where people feel safer, but with the effort of a real conversation also comes meaning. A face-to-face talk is much more intimate and meaningful than one over the internet. Social media can still be very helpful to connect people, but nothing can replace an in person meeting.