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Coming in Clutch: Socialfix Media Named a Clutch Branding and Web Design Leader

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2018 is just about through, but that isn’t stopping the awards from rolling in! We’re glad to announce that Socialfix is on Clutch’s list of leading branding agencies AND their list of leading web design agencies. Talk about finishing off the year with a bang!

In case you aren’t familiar, Clutch is a leading B2B rating agency that uses data, client testimonials, and competitive analysis to find the countries most innovative digital agencies in everything from marketing to IT. Every year, Clutch goes through thousands of agencies to determine their annual list of leading firms. Needless to say, making this year’s cut is something we’re incredibly proud of.
We are passionate about what we do, so each award and recognition validates our vision for the future while motivating us to continue exceeding our clients’ expectations to push beyond industry standards.

It is an honor to be recognized next to our peers of outstanding agencies, and visionaries. We look forward to a new year of creative strategies and forward-thinking solutions.

Terry Tateossian Among Top Women Leaders in 2018

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Socialfix Media is proud to announce that its founder, Terry Tateossian, has been named as a 2018 Women’s Leadership Award Winner by CEO Report.  The annual award is given to CEOs and executives who demonstrate exemplary leadership abilities, in and out of the workplace, and also stand out as pillars of their respective communities.

Her leadership is on full display at the offices of Socialfix. A mixture of team autonomy to flex their creative muscles, combined with oversight ensuring everything that reaches clients is up to the Socialfix standard, results in a digital marketing company that’s often on the cutting edge of new trends and is always up-to-date with the most current and revolutionary technologies in the industry.

“I love attending these ceremonies,” said Tateossian. “It’s not an ego thing, sure I appreciate being recognized with awards like this one, but what I truly love is meeting the other recipients and getting to know so many amazing women, all in one place.”

The award ceremony will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Oct 10 at the Down Town Club in Philadelphia. For more information, or to secure a ticket to the event, please contact Erin Thomson, Mid-Atlantic Market Director at [email protected] or call (267) 538-1027.

CEO Report’s mission is to connect, inform, and inspire the business community through its website, newsletter, connections at C-level events and the CEO Report Network. The Women’s Leadership Awards function to highlight women who excel at leadership roles in their field and still find time to contribute to the improvement of their local communities.

Socialfix On The Road: From NYC To LA and Back Again

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Socialfix at the Business of Equality Summit at the Bloomberg Headquarters in NYC as the Digital Marketing Partner for The Unicorn TV, a new crowdfunding platform launching in the Fall 2018.

We might be a digital agency by definition, but we are attuned to the fact that in-person interactions and connections are sometimes the best way to build brand awareness for an organization. For the Socialfix Team, we have put that into practice throughout the past couple of months as we took on a few different conferences spanning across the country and various industries.

Our travels began in mid-April with the New Jersey Builder Association’s Annual Builders Convention in Atlantic City, NJ. Then we sponsored the first annual NYC Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) conference in New York City. From there, we set out for Los Angeles, CA for the Women Presidents Organization’s (WPO) annual conference and back to NYC, where we attended the Bloomberg Equality of Business Summit. Needless to say, the past couple of months have been packed full of action, engagement, and connections.

The New Jersey Builder Association’s Atlantic Builders Convention (ABC) is the event of the year for builders from the NJ region, bringing in companies from across the state to convene in Atlantic City for trade show exhibitions, networking receptions, and educational seminars. We found that this year’s convention was especially successful in terms of attendance, thought-provoking presentations and exhibitions, and the caliber of exhibitors. Socialfix attended as Master Sponsors for NJBA for the third year, providing video coverage of the event that specifically highlighted the new exhibits and attendees of this year’s conference to encourage membership and attendance for years to come.

Similar to ABC, we extended our video capabilities to the first annual NYC SHRM conference in New York City. At the SHRM conference, we covered the event and interviewed influential professionals in the HR industry to help promote this conference going forward, as it was the first NYC conference and the organization plans to broaden its reach in this chapter as each year turns.

We applied the same approach to the WPO conference that we attended and exhibited in Los Angeles, CA. Although this was not the first WPO conference, it was our first time attending, and in similar routine, we brought our video team to record our experiences and share with others. We gathered the footage to illustrate the impact of the conference’s thought-provoking speakers, networking opportunity, and membership benefits. While attending, we were consistently impressed with the stature and merit of women who belonged to the organization and spoke at the event.  This was specifically highlighted during the annual ranking of the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies during the conference. The aggregate revenues of the companies amount to $8.3 billion. We captured the winner’s panel after the award ceremony, where the leading company’s owners shared advice for fellow WPO members. As a part of the presentation, we were pleasantly surprised by Golden Globe and Oscar winner Viola Davis, who spoke about being an entrepreneur and overcoming adversity to succeed in her career.

Socialfix Team Members hanging out at a WPO networking event in Los Angeles, CA.

The last big event of the season was back in NYC, for the Bloomberg Business of Equality Summit at Bloomberg Headquarters in New York City. Socialfix is the digital marketing partner for The Unicorn, a new TV show being aired on the Bloomberg television network this fall, and as a part of that role, our team attended to build awareness of the show through making personal connections, while also capturing testimonials from attendees to illustrate the topics discussed throughout the day.

In usual fashion, Socialfix never misses a moment, whether that be on-camera or in-person. Find out how we can help make the most of your company’s next biggest moments. Reach out for more information at [email protected].

The results are in… And we have been named a Top NYC Digital Agency by Clutch!

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Socialfix was announced as one of the Top New York City Agencies and Developers of 2017 by Clutch!

Clutch provides ongoing research on leading B2B firms in New York to identify the top providers in the advertising, branding, public relations, social media management, SEO, pay-per-click, digital, mobile app development and custom software development industries.

Socialfix was announced as a top digital agency for 2017. We stood out amongst our competitors for our branding and digital strategy, digital design,  and digital marketing. We were evaluated on our market presence (services, clients, and past projects) and by client interviews conducted by Clutch analysts which are published as reviews on our company profile.

“All of the companies featured today have proven themselves as leaders in their industries due to their commitment to clients, passion for work, and ability to generate results.” said Jenna Seter, Business Analyst at Clutch. We are honored to have been recognized by Clutch as a top agency in this space. With 12 years of experience working in the digital marketing space, we have become fluent in all digital forms of communication and marketing. However, we are most satisfied that our experience has contributed to our clients’ success.

Most marketing companies don’t realize that the digital ecosystem is changing so rapidly. New trends are emerging and transforming quicker than we’ve ever seen before. At Socialfix, we are attuned to the ever-shifting digital world and we embrace the change, delivering marketing programs that make the biggest impact. What sets us apart from the rest is our approach to our client strategy and project management. The relationships that we form with our clients evolve into partnerships where we can work collaboratively to provide tailor-made solutions depending on the industry and each client’s respective goals.

Check out our profile at Clutch and how we have helped clients in the past, and how our digital services could enhance your company’s marketing initiatives in the future.

What you can learn from Facebook’s Fourth Quarter Earnings

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In a recent article published in The Wall Street Journal Facebook made, yet another, quarter of massive advertising revenue growth in terms of its mobile ad business.

It was reported that revenue for the fourth quarter was $8.81 billion, up from 53% a year ago. And mobile accounted for 84% of advertising revenue.

Here is what marketers should keep in mind from the earnings report:

1. Hands down, Facebook’s audience is huge. The company said that 1.23 billion people used its services at lease once a day during December.

2. Video ads are working. More premium video ad opportunities for marketers are rising up on Facebook, as the platform shifts its focus to video. The company is testing new mid-roll advertising products.

3. Facebook TV is the future. Facebook is looking to implement a video tab into the social network, exclusively for professionally produced episodic content. Facebook will also be creating an app for TV set-top boxes to distribute content to users TVs, with plans down the road for advertising revenue to help fund the creators.

4. Mobile is hot. Facebook has proven that it has figured out, once what was a conundrum for most marketers– mobile advertising. The company reported that 84% of its ad revenue came from mobile during the fourth quarter, up from 80% in the fourth quarter of 2015.

5. Measurement capabilities are improving. Facebook will be ensuring that marketers understand what sort of returns they are getting for advertising on the platform. Facebook will continually be improving its measurement capabilities and consulting with more third party measurement companies going forward.


Virtual Reality, The New Frontier for Digital Marketing

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At Socialfix, we are always pointed towards the future to be on the forefront of both digital and social developments. And now, quite literally, we are looking into the future with the arrival of new Virtual Reality Headgear equipment and gaming software. When you wear VR headgear it’s as if you are actually being transported into another world.

As brand builders, we are always thinking of creative ways to immerse customers into the brands that we create. We aim to completely submerge customers in the story of a brand to create a lasting impression. Virtual reality and branding go hand in hand in the context of digital marketing.

Virtual Reality marketing campaigns have slowly been emerging alongside some very prominent brands.  VR has been used to reinvigorate customers and the way they interact with products. Ikea, for example, took a showcase and recreated it in a virtual reality app that exposed customers to a fully-equipped, and interactive virtual kitchen. Users can open drawers, change the color scheme and walk around the room without stepping foot in a showroom. Similarly, Northface used the technology to send their shoppers into a simulated weather environment for shoppers to test out their new gear within seconds of trying it on.

Ultimately, Virtual Reality is adding a new depth into the mechanics of digital marketing that is more tangible than its predecessors. With emerging technologies, the way that we communicate, tell stories and sell products will consequently change. VR is providing us with a new way to meet a brand’s objective and redefine the way that customers engage and revisit your products or services in the long term.

Kathleen McFadden
Client Development Coordinator

Socialfix – New Jersey Woman-Owned Company Goes to WBENC ORLANDO 2016 CONFERENCE

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Being a part of the roster of exhibitors at WBENC Orlando, FL this past June was a BLAST! The event was co-chaired by some major global brands including The Walt Disney Company (it was held in Orlando after all), Wells Fargo and the Pinnacle Group. The most rewarding aspect of our experience was having the privilege to attend the largest women business owners conference in the U.S. Having the rare opportunity to network, learn and share in such a rich environment of successful women entrepreneurs is something everyone should do at least once.

Read more below:

9 Things We Learned @ WBENC Orlando 2016

#9 – It’s Good To Get Out and “Sharpen the Saw”
The idea that sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” in order to sharpen your skills was a gratifying new lesson learned. A dull axe won’t cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one. “Sharpen the Saw” means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–YOUR CREATIVITY. It means having a balanced program that rewards the four areas of your life: the physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. We work hard as a team, and at this event we had a chance to have a great time with new and old friends. We injected a little childhood magic into our lives at the Magic Kingdom, enjoyed many of the nearby restaurants and partook in other great attractions. Can’t wait to do it again in New Orleans and Las Vegas in 2017!

#8 – Get Social – Meeting Like Minded Influencers and Business Owners Makes all the Difference
“Some of the biggest leaps we’ve taken as an agency have come from being at industry events and being able to nurture the relationships that were formed over the years.” says Terry Tateossian. We pride ourselves on being an agency that’s “relationship-driven.” At the end of the day, it’s not just about building websites, producing videos or crafting marketing strategies, it’s about people who make things happen. It’s about people who become part of our daily landscape and who help us achieve incredible things. Whether they are clients, vendors, or even our internal colleagues – we start and end the day with gratitude for the people we work with.

#7 – Never Undersell Yourself – Even to Yourself
Don’t undersell yourself or allow yourself to believe larger companies aren’t looking for someone like you.  There is a growing trend in many Fortune 500’s to work with smaller vendors on a project basis.  Google Inc., for example, allows project managers to work with vendors who fit their needs regardless of size.

#6 – Don’t just sit There! Participate!
Make an effort to get the most of the experience of being at an event like this. Be a part of all the day and night time schedule of events.

#5 – Book Your Travel Reservations Early
Booking your hotel reservation early is key. The best hotels and accommodations fill up within weeks of the announcement of the next WBENC conference. If you want to make the right connections, booking a hotel close by will reduce any commuting time and give you access to the best restaurants and bars, where most networking happens. Plus, who doesn’t love a little extra time to freshen up between events.

#4 – Be Persistent and Memorable
Bring lots of business cards and share them without hesitation. Leave each person with more than a card, leave them with a great first impression.

#3 – Tailor Your Presentation to Your Audience
Know what your audience needs to know, why they have come to hear you and provide them with a mix of what they expected and add a bit of the secret sauce. They will thank you in ways that will keep on benefitting you and your company.

#2 – Set an Achievable Goals and Be Strategic In Advancing them
Know what you bring to the event and what you would like to take away from it. Then figure out the best way to deliver what you brought and how best to get what you need and want.

#1 – Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up.
The most important rule after any event centered around opportunity to meet and network with potential future businesses is to grow your relationships. That means staying in touch. Make the first contact post-event relevant. Jot down something the person said that will be a good ice breaker. Just had a baby, ask about the baby by name. Just lost a loved one – inquire how they might be doing. Just got promoted – ask how they are doing in their new position and how you might be of help in making it an even easier transition. Be thoughtful and thorough.


Terry Tateossian Featured In The October 2015 Issue Of New Jersey Monthly Magazine

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Our very own Terry Tateossian recently received a featured piece in New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The article briefly covers what Socialfix has been doing to stand out amongst their competitors as well as what drives Socialfix to consistently create captivating videos and websites. Terry will be on the Advisory Board for the 2015 Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs Ceremony. Which will take place on November 16th at the Liberty House in Jersey City.

[WEBINAR] Facebook Marketing – Double Your Prospect List through Facebook Remarketing

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Find out how to clone your existing customers and prospects to create an abundance of opportunities through Facebook Remarketing during this ground-breaking webinar by Terry Tateossian & Ken Krysinski.

Webinar Agenda:

1. What is Facebook Marketing?
2. How do we start?
3. Build your list with Facebook
4. Facebook Retargeting
5. Examples
6. Q&A Session